Barbra Streisand Condemns Everyone But Michael Jackson For Pedophila


In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Streisand says she “absolutely” believes that Jackson sexually abused Wade Robson and James Safechuck, but in spite of that, she appears to sympathize with the pop star.

“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has,” she said. “You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say [the grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”

Streisand goes on to say that she has “a combination of feelings” on the situation and that she blames the parents of Jackson’s alleged victims, saying, “I feel bad for the children. I feel bad for him. I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him.” More

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  1. So simply living through sexual assault and going on with your life makes it OK for the victim?

    Sort of like that Mike Tyson thing about no broken bones and no bruises means there was no rape?

  2. This, at its core is different in degree, but not in substance than the excusing of adults who exploit children by parading them in their stage managed phony protests to advance the adult’s political agenda. The left is quite consistent in its exploitation of the vulnerable to advance its own desires.

  3. This response suggests to me that her involvement in child sexual molestation may need some looking into.

  4. Babs sure has a way of untangling the complex! Here all this time I thought Jackson was just a spoiled degenerate homo freak. Thanks again Babs.

  5. WOW! There’s a special kind of krazy there!! I always knew Babs wuz from Planet Vacuous, where bubble-headed celebrities need personal assistants, personal trainers, house-keepers, chauffeurs, consultants and psychiatrists just to wind a wrist watch, but holy Hell I wouldn’t trust this village idiot with a burnt out match! Ain’t it amazing how these self-absorbed celebrities think they can preach to the average, hard-working, over-taxed payer how WE should live, what what WE should eat, how to raise OUR kids, what kind of energy WE need, what kind of electric clown-car to drive (while they live in mansions, ride in limousines and private jets) and of course what Socialist-Communist to vote for… yet think like this! Beam me up!

  6. Is is all the evidence you need to tell those who are pushing “it takes a village:” stay the fuck away from my kids before I go mid evil on your twisted ass

  7. She has slipped in to ‘Old Coot-hood’
    Soon to be followed by pajamas as evening wear out to the Wal-Mart

  8. In Bab’s world, sexual exploitation of children (if it is bad at all) is only bad if done by those outside her circle of associates. Therefore she exempts Michael Jackson, and Roman Polanski, and Kevin Spacey. Anyone outside hollywood, or the left end of the political spectrum will be condemned in the harshest terms. MJ gets a pass for molesting children, while President Trump gets pilloried for discussing, off the record, consensual sexual activity with adult women.

  9. Tony R

    It’s only bad if they can exploit it. They truly believe themselves to be Gods. Their arrogance and conceit are limitless.

  10. Simply a CUNT! Hopefully this pushes her ass into a closet and we do not hear from her ever again. Only thing regarding this cunt, that I want to hear about is her death!

  11. If you got money – it’s OK.
    If you’re some poor, middle-class slob – it ain’t OK.

    See how that works?

    All the little people are just sex toys of the rich and obnoxious.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Does she feel that the young actresses who spread ‘em for a role, “ wanted to be there” and shouldn’t complain 30 years later because they profited from their actions… and it didn’t kill them?

  13. She’s starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein, the woman who had surgeries to make herself look like a freakish catperson.

  14. I suggest to Babs that she takes the “bad” side of her face, or at least her honker, and saute’s it in a saute pan (not just any old frying pan) with olive oil, garlic, and onions. Maybe toss in a little Muslim seasoning they use to make even cow intestines palatible.

  15. @TRF

    By the time he kicked off, I think MJ no longer had a nose. It was more like a plastic appliance fake nose he just plugged in before performing.

  16. @Wambam

    I believe Rose McGowan’s career is down the tubes, but not because she slept with ol’ Harve.

    Maybe she is just short on talent. Her big role was playing a woman who had an assault rifle where there was formerly a leg, all the better to mow down the bad guys. I wonder where she stored the magazines?

    Yeah, the movie was a classic.

  17. New at Daily Mail …
    she was later forced to defend her words after her comments caused outrage around the world.. . In a statement to The Washington Post Streisand she said: ‘To be crystal clear, there is no situation or circumstance where it is OK for the innocence of children to be taken advantage of by anyone.

    ‘The stories these two young men shared were painful to hear, and I feel nothing but sympathy for them.’

    But she continued to lay blame with the two men’s parents adding: ‘The single most important role of being a parent is to protect their children. It’s clear that the parents of the two young men were also victimized and seduced by fame and fantasy.’

    She has since tweeted an apology saying she was ‘sorry for any pain or misunderstanding’ she may have caused.


  18. Pearl Clutcher,,,Simply a CUNT!
    You truly need to be on the committee to chose Teachers if I ever have children,,,
    God Bless you!


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