Florida: Bare-faced Palm Beach Co. officials party at posh Breakers after forcing masks on helpless kids


Increasingly, government officials are being caught breaking their own restrictive Covid rules. The latest case in South Florida is particularly egregious coming on the heels of multiple scandals involving the Palm Beach County School Board, one of which involves punishing innocent children for not obeying the board’s illegal mask mandate.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County held its 38th annual gala at the luxurious Breakers hotel on Saturday and, by Sunday, the photos were splashed all over social media.

Included in the impeccably dressed crowd of public officials was school board member Alexandra Ayala, the young Marxist-leaning mask zealot who at a recent public meeting dared to say to parents, “It is a privilege to address your public officials and to be in this chamber.” more

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  1. Today’s version of ‘let them eat cake.’

    One can only imagine that consequences of the past will have similar present-day ramifications.

  2. As Jesse Kelly says, “None of the people telling you to worry about coronavirus are actually worried about coronavirus.”

  3. This is not at all the benign behavior most people will accept it as. It is a function of an personality disorder that should disqualify ANY AND ALL of those who manifest such from ANY and ALL positions of power. Period. Full stop.

    “When DNs are confident that they have enough power, be it over a small group of people (family members, co-workers, social circle, cult), or on a macro scale, such as in a government, large corporation, or The Church, they will become progressively more bold and VISIBLE in their crimes in order to generate ever-higher amounts of diabolical narcissistic satisfaction.

    Now here is where it gets interesting. For DNs, the commission of their crimes and malefactions themselves are NOT the most potent source of diabolical satisfaction. No – the real rush, the “high” that they crave more than anything is THE GETTING AWAY WITH IT. Specifically, DNs luxuriate in watching other people, whether it be out of fear or sycophancy, pretend to not see, or better yet lie to cover, or even better yet, positively defend and justify, their crimes.”


    Where representative government fails miserably is that people assume that nobody would vote for individuals whose lives are consumed by narcissistic behavior patterns. How wrong they are.

    They can deny it all they want, but there are a hell of a lot of people who are attracted to these reprobates.

  4. “warped psycho-spiritual existence revolves around, the notion that they are superior, a separate caste, distinct from and above other human beings. They are “the elite”. They are “oligarchs”.

    The self appointed Royalty and over paid talking heads in MSM.
    “IF” the truth ever come out, all of MSM should be indited for their false narrative.

  5. If it wasn’t for deceit and hypocrisy, they’d have nothing.
    That they aren’t hiding is their way of saying “Fuck You!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. GregMan
    SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 AT 11:19 AM
    “They elected these people..”

    They DID?

    I mean, SURE they did, you’re 100% right, lets go with that, free and fair elections forever!


  7. Please show the video of daycare workers putting a mask on a young boy and he fights back!! They are evil people out there and all are coming out in the open now!

  8. If Gov’t elites break their own mask rules they should be subjected to immediate capital punishment. This would put a swift end to the mask rules. They know there is no way they will avoid hypocrisy, so they will lift the rules.


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