Barr ‘Not Sure’ Congress Would Defend Capitol From Rioters

“This body? I’m not sure,” Barr said, drawing laughter.

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  1. Lets hope those that managed to sit through the entire hearing got a good idea of just how unhinged these idiots are. This was like the McCarthy hearings on steroids.

  2. Attorney General Barr is right. If the Dementiacrat Party won’t defend a Federal Court House in Portland, Oregon, or a historic statue of President Andrew Jackson and St. John’s Church from rioters and arsonists posing as peaceful protesters, what Federal Building would they defend from their supporters? This all started on the day when President Trump was inaugurated. Rioters burned several limousines and trashed buildings that day, and nothing happened to them. It’s their game plan, and they own it now. Make them eat it in 97 days.

  3. @Thirdtwin

    Mitch will be pulling every trick he can to keep her. That c#cksucker has his corrupt nose in all the upcoming elections and trying to re-stock his gaggle of backstabbing scumbags. I wish there was a way to oust this pig.

  4. I think McConnell is by far the biggest problem the republican party has. We wouldn’t have half the problems we have if not for him, I despise that son of a bitch.

  5. gin blossom, you’re right about China Mitch, but I like Doug Collins odds against the Buckhead Carpetbagger Loeffler. I know that Sweaty Thumb Erick Erickson will be doing his WSB best to shiv Doug, but that may actually be counterproductive to the Estab efforts. Let’s get this Jungle cleared in November.

  6. Google has determined the outcome…next year it will deliver the punishments. Propaganda , fake news, omitted news, cultural change , shaming, ridicule, job loss etc etc. ….patriots will be isolated, Socialists will be connected for mob use.

  7. Barr not sure Swamp would defend Capitol from rioters, Swamp refuses to be drained.
    Fuckers are like crabs in a bucket.


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