Barr under fire as Dems vow to investigate AG, call for impeachment


Less than two weeks after President Trump was acquitted by the Senate, Democrats have their sights set on Attorney General Bill Barr as a new target for investigations and even impeachment, following the AG’s apparent move to overrule prosecutors’ recommended sentence for former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

From members of Congress to members of the media, political operatives to law professors, Barr is under intense scrutiny from the left for alleged “misuse of the criminal justice system” involving not only the Stone case, but the removal in January of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and accepting Ukraine-related information from Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

He’s also walking a fine line with the president himself, who pushed back against Barr’s highly publicized comments Thursday that Trump had never asked him to intervene in a criminal case.

“This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to!” Trump tweeted Friday morning. read more

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  1. When will someone, anyone, turn the tables on the dems and stick red hot, barbed, fireplace poker up their ass?!?! These TRAITOROUS BASTARDS will not quit until someone hurts them really bad!

  2. And that’s the reason we have to regain the house and retain the senate. Then we can find out which longtime Republicans are dirty as they will align with the dems to stop investigations.

  3. The next time the Democrats try to impeach anybody, everyone of them,
    house and senate And their sympathizers should be arrested and thrown in the prison,
    for trying to overthrow the lawful government agent of the United States.

  4. The House must be taken back. That will stop this impeachment nonsense if Trump wins a second term. Although right now, I think the deepers are actually trying to get another Special Counsel cranked up, using the same playbook they used on Sessions.

    Congress is not up for any more impeachment in an election year. Let the bureaucrats tag in for a while. The threatened impeachment of Barr is just a means to force his recusal and get another Special Counsel appointed.. Maybe a good look at DAG Jeff Rosen is in order.

  5. There is not going to be a peaceful solution to this.

    Not unless one side or the other surrenders completely.

    And, Republican elites notwithstanding, I don’t see that happening.

    Be ready to deal with it when it happens, don’t get caught by surprise.

  6. Joseph DiGenova on why charges aren’t forthcoming for Andrew McCabe and the rest of the deep state. DC voted 94% Democrat so you can’t seat a jury of your peers on federal cases and get a conviction against Democrats, but you can always crucify a Roger Stone or Scooter Libby.
    One juror was overheard to say that they didn’t care about Libby, but just wanted to get to his boss, Dick Cheney.

    Interesting observation.

    If the DC Court is this partisan there is no recourse and McCabe, Stroek, Page, Lynch, Comey, Lerner, and everybody else in the swamp know they are untouchable.
    Hence, they go about their sinister skullduggery in brazen fashion with impunity.

  7. On the other hand Barr can testify how the FBI entrapped Flynn, altered his interview record, asked for an exorbitant sentence, withheld exculpatory evidence, faked evidence, prosecuted him into the poor house, threatened his family and he had bad lawyers who colluded with the FBI.

    Barr would like to tell all.

    OTOH, illegal alien suspected murderers are released without bail. Go figure.

  8. That was my thought too RacerX – they are going to scream impeachment at everyone they don’t like from here on. So get used to ignoring it – one thing Barr has proven to be quite good at.

  9. Left Coast, their screaming gives me no concerns. What does concern me is all the mushy brained people out there that start to believe what they hear being screamed with the media assisting by turning up the volume.

  10. Sounds like the swamp dwellers are getting jittery, he must be getting ready to drop the hammer on some commie assholes!


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