Barry and Mooch’s Most Excellent Vacation

Courtesy: Saboteaur365

The former first couple were spotted on Friday hanging out with their celebrity friends on David Geffen’s monster yacht, The Rising Sun, in the Polynesian Inlands.


Remember when former presidents used to go back to their home and live out a quiet low profile life?  Yeah, those guys were chumps compared to this guy.

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  1. Geffen is queer, I wondering if he is corn-holing Obama as payment for all those campaign contributions??

  2. ah yes the self annointed ones.
    enjoy your cruise. it all ends eventually and then you meet your maker.

  3. And the press gripes about the youge cost to taxpayers when Trump and the SS go to Mar-A Lago.

    No press mention of SS cost following obamaladingdong to the ends of the world.

  4. Have I mentioned recently how much I’m enjoying having a grown-up as President? And not having a fucking Sasquatch for a 1st Lady?

    And by the way, if you’re having a tough Monday, just remember:
    Hillary Clinton will never be President.

  5. This probably is Obama’s idea of lying low. Notice how his mouth shut tight after Trump accused him of spying on his campaign and how he never came to the defense of Rice when it was released that she (so far only her) unmasked the names of Trump and his advisors. I don’t think she’s finished in the barrel yet and her story (for some consideration in sentencing) will be a humdinger.

  6. Makes me think of Poe’s A Descent into the Maelström
    where the Maelström is Barky’s butt-hole.

    And where’s a monster deep-sea chocolate killer starfish when you need one?

  7. Hahaha! I read in the comments someone said, “That is a huge green boat……my bad. Sorry Oprah!!!”

    I will add that her boat has bags.

  8. Yeah boy, if I had a monster yacht, I’d want it to be defiled by guests like Mr & Mr BO.

    Guess the ship’s budget includes throwing out mattresses in every berth and defunkifying the entire ship after this particular vacay cruise.

    Imagine the dinner conversations. Captivating!
    If I were stuck on that ship, I’d be begging for a typhoon.

  9. Is it just me, or does French Polynesia look more and more like an Ecuadorian embassy with each passing day?


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