Baseball Coach Wins 7-Year Legal Fight After Being Sued by Player He Told To Slide

“It’s the end of high school sports,” he said. “The coaching profession would be under heavy scrutiny for everything that happens. Coaches are going to have to have insurance like doctors have for malpractice. School districts are not going to want to take the risk of having sports.” MORE

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  1. The coach didn’t ‘make’ him do anything. He voluntarily played on the team, voluntarily hit the ball and voluntarily played the game according to competitive rules. He and his parents took the chances and suffer the consequences as individuals.

    Of course these days, individuals aren’t responsible for their behavior, competitive, criminal, or otherwise. It’s always ‘someone else’ at fault.

    Sorry Charlie, next time try the ninth circuit…

  2. Everyone wants their “rights,” but personal responsibility has definitely gone out of fashion, unfortunately.

  3. 7 years? Isn’t there something in the Bill of Rights about speedy trials? Or have the dems over-turned it too.

  4. This is such a shame. In the ‘burbs it’s sometimes difficult now to get a whole team. Parents are confused about concussions and injuries as simple as a sprained ankle and they freak out. I had at least 10 sprains before I graduated high school. None are a problem today in my 50’s.
    But the fact that they ruined a third-base coach for all these years.

  5. Sue the family for lawyer fees? Pain & suffering? Just a thought. Only if his lawyer will do it contingent upon winning.

    So, if I’m ever in a coaching spot have a waiver made to cover “sprains, breaks, amputations, your child could die in the buss going to or coming home from a game, acts of God, terrorism, flesh eating bacteria and being molested by a hippy. (some hippy comes up to the child picks him up, spins him around kisses him on the head and tells him “Jesus loves you” 1. as the coach I can’t legally kill the hippy 2. take it up with the law and leave me out of it because you signed a waiver). Come to think of it I’d have the parents sign this waiver even if I was coaching the chess club.

  6. Good, its time to eliminate both high school and college sports, and all other extra curricular activities, now sponsored by the school and move the jurisdiction back to the parents to initiate, organize and pay for! Tax dollars should pay for education classes only with every thing else being the responsibility of the parents!

  7. folks, you need to understand, this is another progs assault on our children … now that there is no exercise in school (or out of school) they want to take away organized sports. coupled with the assault on women’s sports w/ the ‘trannie’ agenda, they’re trying to litigate children’s physical exercise (in the form of organized sports) out of existence.

    … & you’re all ok w/ that?

  8. I had a batch of concussions from playing soccer in High School and College. I was a goalkeeper and did a lot of diving after balls near the feet of players from the other team. Yeah that resulted in getting kicked in the head a few times. Never mind other broken and dislocated bones I suffered over the years.

    Fortunately in my 50’s now I only have the occasional migraine or bad headache. I was happy when my kids gave up wanting me to go on roller coaster rides with them. That was not good for me the following couple of days. Regardless, must be a sign of the times because I never once in all these years blamed my coaches for my many injuries. I played with reckless abandon. My parents never thought for a second that the coaches and school had to be blamed.

  9. “Get the money you deserve.” – Pond Scum
    Lawyers, once an admirable profession, deteriorated into bottom dwelling catfish, willing to eat any amount of shit in order to maintain their preferred lifestyle.
    Atticus Finch no longer stalks the hall of justice.
    “Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.” – Harper Lee
    Loser pays, let’s stop this crap shoot.


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