Bashar al-Assad: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Breitbart: Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad told Russian television network Rossiya 24 in an interview Thursday that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein “was killed because he knew a lot of vital secrets.”

Police arrested Epstein, a well-connected but mysterious financier, in July on charges of underage sex trafficking. Guards found him dead in his prison cell in August and authorities have since ruled the death a suicide. Forensic experts, Epstein’s relatives, and other observers have widely questioned this version of events, citing several unexplained injuries on Epstein’s body that are nearly impossible to self-inflict.

Assad added his voice to the chorus of doubters Thursday while responding to a question on the death of James Le Mesurier, the British founder of May Day Rescue, an organization largely responsible for training and organizing the humanitarian group known as the “White Helmets.” The White Helmets have worked at the forefront of the Syrian Civil War and repeatedly uncovered evidence that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians, which has led to Assad referring to the group as jihadist terrorists tasked with fabricating false evidence to discredit him.

Assad implied that the American CIA killed Le Mesurier, using Epstein’s death as an example of another high-profile false suicide. read more

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  1. Everyone knows it. Even a Syrian strongman.

    Roger Stone was convicted of lying about the dnc emails that were hacked.

    Notice the word HACKED.

    The obuthole sycophant judge denied stone’s team any right to introduce evidence that there is no credible evidence that the emails were hacked.

    The gov’t is completely corrupt. From top to bottom.

    I’m dreaming of a white chri……i mean hong kong riots coming to america.

  2. Hillary acquired a LOT of power by copying every morsel of information in those FBI files that went missing for two years back in the first Clinton administration. Information that is still powerful today. After all, 25 years is not that long a time in Washington! Power, money, influence and discipline is what makes a good crime syndicate work and she had it all and I sure that she still had access to much of it for years afterward until she boarded the Kenyan Express where she stole even more and went off the chain toppling entire governments! I hate to think about the reach of her unscrupulous tentacles! I’m positive that she considered Epstein as little more than a bug that needed to be squashed and gave it no more thought than that! The Truth has a funny way of rising to the top though and hopefullly it does before she cashes in!

  3. Soon, the crimes of the elites will be “normalized,” and we normals will be too busy keeping our heads down and fighting over scraps to express any outrage or rebellion. This has been the condition of human society almost everywhere for all of history.

  4. Assad shouldn’t talk, he wasn’t a sheep man like normal arabs, for years he’s been luring little lambs into his palace.

  5. @Zampow

    “we normals will be too busy keeping our heads down and fighting over scraps”

    That sounds Marxist to me. Americans don’t have to fight over scraps. There are 40 million pounds of bacon in cold storage in the US, for one thing. We are so productive that most of us are overweight from eating too much. Most US households have several cars, TVs, and computers, and multiple pets.

    What scraps? This is the land of plenty.

  6. This posted article was written By FRANCES MARTEL who is obviously a disinformation propagandist. The Syrian president was elected and is not a dictator. Assad did not poison or gas his own people, who love him. The White Helmets are mercenary rebels sponsored by the US to bring down Assad. Al queda were and are US/CIA creations used as mercenaries everywhere they exist.

    Bashar al-Assad: The Democratically Elected President of Syria
    By Steven MacMillan
    Global Research, March 05, 2018

    Syria’s Assad says White Helmets are terrorists, will be killed if they don’t surrender
    Posted July 26, 2018
    “The fate of the White Helmets will be the same as for any other terrorists. They have two choices: to lay down their arms and use the amnesty we have offered over the last four or five years, or be killed like other terrorists,” Assad said according to Russia Today.
    Elaborating on his allegation that the White Helmets are terrorists, Assad said the group, officially called the Syrian Civil Defence, are a front for the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group Al-Nusra.
    “You have videos and photos of [White Helmets] holding swords and celebrating the deaths of Syrian soldiers. What more evidence do you need that they are not a humanitarian organization, but a mask used by Al-Qaeda?” he said.”

    AP: CIA Working With Al Nusra Al Qaeda in Syria!
    DECEMBER 1, 2014
    By Luke Rudkowski
    In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about an very important admission that just came from the AP that highlights how the CIA works with Al Qaeda to topple the regime in Syria.

  7. I love this; the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme is a popular movement which is based largely upon supposition – and it won’t go away. The Dems, and the Hillary Dems in particular, must be furious about this because even if the Clintons didn’t have anything to do with Epstein’s death, what counts is the pop culture. Even the captive MSM can’t squelch it, and we all know they have tried in the past.

    America seems to be getting tired of the crooks, cranks and crazies that populate the Democrat party.

  8. Jeffrey Epstein and Vince Foster are debating the reasons why one of them was allowed to commit suicide in a beautiful park, while the other was forced to commit suicide in a crappy jail cell, and if the place of their suicide is a message about how PO’d at them the killer masterminds were.

    Wondering why both were ruled as being suicides with abundant evidence they were both murdered. And pondering if the same people were behind both suicide events.

  9. And don’t forget Ron Brown Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce who was mysteriously killed aboard a govt. plane on a govt. sponsored trip to SE Asia with a bullet wound in the back of his head after the plane had crashed killing everyone on board. He probably knew too much as well to let him live.


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