Clean Critters Like Bath Time

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1 Marco (Jameson)
5 Sturge
8 Big Gun
9 Eugenia (Daffy Willow)

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10 Comments on Clean Critters Like Bath Time

  1. It took awhile for me to figure out number 2.
    Hey there’s wildlife all over right now (visible that is) and I saw a rare fox crossing the road in front of me yesterday. I love to see those!

  2. Jameson’s most exciting bath for him and me was the one after he met the skunk. It turned into three or four baths and a trip to the groomer, but it was a lesson learned, since that poor skunk hasn’t dared to come back in the yard.

  3. Dachshunds always smell good, because they’re dachshunds. Just pick the little SOBs up and drop them into the utility sink!

    65lb black lab? Not so much, she is skittish. She won’t let you get her near any bathroom in the house. She won’t get anywhere near the utility sink, because the basement is the only place in the house where there is carpeting, so she’s freaked out by that and she wouldn’t fit in the sink anyway. Garden hose? Lol, she’s gone as soon as you touch it. Heck, just the other day it took me 20 minutes just to pass her a nearly foot long dried dog sausage! She’d never seen one before and thought it was going to wash her.

    Walk her down to the creek however and she runs through it without a care! Walk her down the street where the bridge crosses the creek, she’s gone again! I don’t know what the bridge ever did to her.

    The only thing I haven’t tried yet is to tranquilize the shit out of her. She hasn’t had a bath since last summer when she was small enough to control.


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