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  1. Once again Claudia comes through with a pleasing and soothing respite from the gathering storm.
    Thanks again, Claudia!

  2. This is very adorable and amusing.

    I’d also love to see a “Bathtime for Filthy Hippies” feature.

  3. Pic 1: “Ahhh that’s it a little lower and to the right, you’ve almost got it”
    Pic 2: Monkey on the right: “Uhh guys you probably don’t want to be drinking that water right now.”
    Pic 3: “AHhh. Geeves would you bring me my loofa.”
    Pic 4,5,13: “Splish, Splash I was taking a bath. Long about a Saturday night…”
    Pic 6,7: “Always wash your pork products before preparing them.” Pig on the right: “Hey Sine was that supposed to be a joke? ‘Cause I’m not amused.”
    Pic 8: “I just know this pic is going to end up on Claudia’s IOTWreport’s Sunday Animal pix. Oh the humiliation”
    Pic 9: “Hey babe. The water’s fine why don’t you join us?”
    Pic 10: “oooohh I love it when you thumb my belly”
    Pic 11: “How do you like my spa? My human made it just for me.”
    Pic 12: Guinea pig on the left. “So we’re just supposed to sit here in the water?” “Guinea pig on the right “I guess so”
    Pic 14: “What? You’ve never seen an owl taking a shower before?”
    Pic 15: “Who says cats don’t like water. I love it. Can I stay in for another hour?”

  4. The last cat looks like a young Toko.
    Silly cat thinks hes a dog.

    Chases my RC truck around the yard when I bring it out.

  5. First guinea pig: “You think the lady believes we like this? How can we get her to stop?”
    Second guinea pig: “Check out the pile of poop I just left in her sink.”
    First guinea pig: “Wow! That should to it.”

  6. I used to have a pair of ferrets. Found out that after their bath you don’t have to do the drying, just toss a towel on the floor. They’d wrestle it all over the house while staying under it. Wouldn’t come out til they were dry.

  7. Aww, that little black & white kitty has the look of “what the heck just happened?!” and the owl looks MAD! Great collection of clean critters Claudia!

  8. Wish my Yorkie was that calm in the bath. And that was one dirty pig, judging by the water.

    Thanks again, Claudia, for bringing a smile to a Sunday morning.

  9. Very nice. Thx Claudia

    Two days ago, I watered my back yard for the first time this year. Two 1/2 weeks later than usual, but I digress. I use soaker hoses. There is a low spot on a path that has no grass and some water puddled there, about one foot in diameter.

    All afternoon Grackles came and bathed, drank & socialized. one female came around with a french fry in it’s mouth. At first, it kind of looked like she was wanting to dunk it in the water but every time she got close other Grackles moved in on her. Even the smallest lapse in being en guarde had some advanced quickly on her. She’d always quickly flutter a few steps away, holding it high and away from other beaks.

    After about 10 minutes of watching this – I wanted to see how it turned out – I started to think she was just teasing the rest of them. She never got to the water. Wouldn’t eat it. Wasn’t feeding any young ones. I don’t know what she was really doing, but it looked more like she was either a show-off or a jerk.

    I thought: Maybe that’s how they entertain themselves, and moved on.

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