BBC: Jorge Ramos Blames Anti-Socialists for Trump Hispanic Approval


Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is at it again, telling foreign media what he really thinks of his primary audience in the United States. As usual, his ire is directed at Hispanics who dare stray from orthodoxy and, for varying reasons, either stay away from Democrats or outright support Donald Trump.

In an interview with BBC Mundo, Ramos resorted to his usual racial grievance and identity politics, but this question and answer stuck out like a sore thumb:

BBC MUNDO JOURNALIST: Speaking of seduction, Donald Trump has seduced close to 30% of the Latino community. How do you explain that?

JORGE RAMOS: It’s not a monolithic community, we don’t all think the same.

In spite of Donald Trump’s racist and sexist attacks, there are voters for whom other issues are more important- the economy, for example. Unemployment levels have certainly decreased under Donald Trump.

There are other issues such as Cuba and Venezuela which, to some voters, are more important than the racist attacks.

This certainly isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s become a ritual.

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  1. …it’s actually kind of a shame because I used to quite enjoy Univision’s Web site when I was learning Spanish, pre-President Trump, and they were actually quite newsy and informative, even entertaining, about things going on throughout Central and South America as well as Mexico.

    …that all changed after the election, when EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE had to contain Trump hate. CNN, WaPo, and the NYT combined could not equal the outporing of hatred that Univision had on full display every day, so I had to give THAT up because my schooling hadn’t progressed to all the angry idioms and curse words yet…and it was tiresome besides. I mean, I did not like Barry the Indonesian AT ALL, but I DID think about other things from time to time. Univision never DID.

    I never watched it on TV, my old ears don’t process rapid-fire español so well, but I’m told by native speakers that it was just as bad.

    …unfortunately, they are basically State-run media, so they are not subject to marketplace rules, which is why they can attack their own customers with impunity. The only entertaining thing NOW is contemplating how they are going to DOUBLE their already all-in hatred when the President gets ANOTHER four years, they’ll have to start including Portugese curse words just to amp it UP any more…

  2. If I understand this, President Trump has 30% Hispanic approval, about 3x the average over the last few years. It sounds like a win to me.
    The reason Jorge gives is the economy and the obvious disaster of socialism in Hispanic countries. That sounds like another win.

    Hmm, Russia didn’t work, Ukraine didn’t work, is it possible that Ramos is secretly working for DJT’s team? Let me have a lawyer draft a letter and send it off to Adam Shiff-less so he can have another inquiry,

    BTW, still not tired Mr. President!!

  3. Many Hispanics are Catholic you think they agree with abortion let alone late abortion and killing a baby after it is born. I had some Hispanic neighbors in CO put up a sign against assisted suicide and for life in 2018 when CO passed that bill. I think we should not write them off and just assume they’ll vote Dem particularly with the radical loons running the show.

  4. A long recognized fact:
    Many working people vote by their wallets and
    having good jobs no matter what their skin color.
    I hope it’s enough to swing the blacks and hispanics
    to kick out the socialists.

  5. They hold the highlands, they’re afraid of the night. They parade in the lowlands in the day. They won’t come out at night. They wave their flags in a pretty frenzy on the highland plateau at dawn. They come down to show us their power at noon. They won’t stay in the lowlands when the sun goes down.

    Huddled up in their fortresses they aim the guns down upon us, they mean to keep us where we belong. The highlands keep getting smaller, the lowlands continue to grow. Soon they’ll be shouting threats from the peaks and we’ll know where to go.

    As we rise so they’ll fall, in the end justice comes to us all.

  6. @Walter Johnson November 23, 2019 at 12:20 am

    I was with you, up until the last line. “[I]n the end justice comes to us all,” sounded so familiar. Then I remembered. It was on the posters they leave. Stuck to lampposts. In the lowlands.

  7. And, of course, that was supposed to be “things,” not “thinds.” But the “edit” button only works if the page reload doesn’t stall, until after the timer runs out.

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