‘Because of Pete’s selfishness, in my opinion, he is still the mayor’

Former Common Council President to Mayor Pete: ‘Resign’.


After the fallout from a recent police shooting unleashed turmoil on South Bend, former Common Council president Derek Dieter has a message for Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “resign.”

“Because of Pete’s selfishness, in my opinion, he is still the mayor,” Dieter told the Washington Free Beacon. Dieter explained that if Buttigieg were to resign, a provisional mayor would be chosen in a caucus by city precinct leaders. A new mayor, Dieter said, would be able to devote greater attention to South Bend than Buttigieg as he is running for president.

“To me, it doesn’t make sense. If you’re running for president, that’s a lot of pressure, you got to be on the road,” Dieter said. “Everything that happens in South Bend shouldn’t be on your mind. You should be concentrating on running for president. So, I’m adamant that he should resign as mayor.”

Dieter’s comments come after Buttigieg’s most recent scandal, in which a white police officer shot and killed a black man on June 16. It is the latest in a series of race-related scandals that have plagued Buttigieg since he took office in 2012.

Dieter added that he has “no problem” with Buttigieg running for president, but he would like the mayor to admit that he has been unable to govern South Bend and run a campaign at the same time.

“If you’re going to be running for president, that is a tremendous responsibility to do,” Dieter said. “And if you’ve made a decision to do that, I think at the end of the day, South Bend has to be in your rear view mirror.” more here

10 Comments on ‘Because of Pete’s selfishness, in my opinion, he is still the mayor’

  1. Little Pete Butthead.

    Go back to the minors, where you belong with o’rourke.

    Your gay routine ain’t enough.

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…
    If a politician currently serving in elected office wants to run for higher office, they need to resign their current position.
    Came to this conclusion when Kerry spent more than two years running for President in 2004 instead of doing the damn job he was elected to do in the US Senate.
    If politicians didn’t have the safety net of keeping their current job when they lose an election for higher office, you wouldn’t see all these idiots with no reason to believe they are good enough to be governors or congressmen or senators or president running useless and pointless campaigns. And it would probably leave more room for those who SHOULD be running for higher office!

  3. How about Giggybutt resign as mayor because he sucks.
    The same reason he’s not a real candidate for POTUS, he sucks.

    Matter of fact, his ability that he’s most proud of himself about is…
    …he sucks!

  4. The great South Bend cavern has been temporarily closed to gay visitors until the Mayor returns from the campaign.

  5. If he can’t handle running One small town like South Bend how can he run tens of thousands in the United States as president. He’s in over his head.

  6. Does anyone know the details of the white cop/black shooting “victim” story? Is the event another Michael Brown story or is it “real”?


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