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Timo’s hammock

Readers think we’re too dog biased. So…

The story of Timo, and how he persevered and wouldn’t let his hammock defeat him.

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  1. My wife and I take care of stray cats that show up at our door. People just leave them when they move or get tired of them.
    I have one outside the house who is afraid to come in where it is warm. So I hope he is on the blanket with the heating pad. It’s 15 out.
    He is afraid of everything. My wife can get near him but not me.
    Cats are like retarded children no one wants. So when they show up I feel sorry for them.

  2. LOL can’t think of a better place for catnaps than a hammock. Cats have got to be the laziest creatures on the planet.

  3. But not Rabbits and philodendrons at the same time. Well, at least not ones with leaves still on them.

    And who left all the cocoa Kix all over the house? They’ve gone stale now. Don’t taste the same.

  4. Has anyone else started having trouble seeing the videos on this site? I’m running firefox and for the last week I have the blue ring spinning up in the tab that never stops and no video. Is there a setting that I’m missing? I’ve also turned off my AdBlock Plus.
    But still no video.

  5. who the fuck comes up with the idea to make their damn cat a frigging hammock? It has to be some Vegan Libtard who insists on Fair Trade, Free Range, macrobiotic, gluten-free, sustainable, biodegradable coffee beans and then grinds them with a mortar & pestle.

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