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Beckel Booted from Fox News

In a series of tweets yesterday, Bob Beckel leaked the news that he will not be returning to The Five, or Fox News. Beckel will be remembered as a notorious F-bomb dropper, mumbler of nastiness and an all-around reliable leftist knucklehead who often resorted to shouts and filibuster when defending the policies of the Democrat Party.

The reason for the parting of ways remains unclear, however Fox News made a statement that Beckel had been “taking advantage” of the network during his months-long recovery from back surgery.


Beckel’s announced departure was preceded this week with the news that Sarah Palin’s contract with the network was allowed to expire and would not be renewed.


25 Comments on Beckel Booted from Fox News

  1. Next time you see no neckle Beckle he’ll be appearing at the home for washed up journalists aka MSNBC. Right Brian?

  2. About a year or two ago, Bob Beckel was critical of Obamacare, got a phone call, and taken to the WH woodshed. Since then, like the commited leftist zealot he is, has remained in an unfaltering, Kool-Aid fueled, lockstep.

    In the land of ‘Fair & Balanced’, Bob Beckel’s an insane, one man Petri dish. The whole liberal formula just comes off as ridiculous most of the time anyhow, when not recognized as the plain insanity that it is.

    Had it not been proven otherwise before, you’d think such liberal idiocy was contrived for TV. No need to worry for Fox with Bob Beckel gone, as there is no liberal shortage there as Geraldo, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, and others remain.

    OT: Alan Colmes, married to Monica Crowley’s sister, was a standup comedian? Other than his grasshopper face, there is no need for his weak and sarcastic, comic stylings.

  3. Still won’t watch The Five with Juan or Geraldo instead of Bob. These are the best five people on the planet Fox can find? Hogwash!

  4. The worst one on the 5 now is Dana Perino. Typical establishment republican.

    The only one that made any sense was Greg Gutfeld and that’s because he used a ton of sarcasm.

    And we all know that there’s a lot of truth in sarcasm.

  5. You’re talking my kind of language, unslung. Wouldn’t miss either one. Let Richard Fowler, Mark Hannah and Sally Khan jump in after them.

  6. When I have a nightmare, I’m usually in a dark alley, and Alan Colmes is in it. He has a flashlight, shines it on his face, and goes “Boo!” I often shit my drawers. Then I wake up and find the shitting in my drawers part of the nightmare was true.

  7. Pretty sure Colmes was a foil, a “straight man” paid to appear like a loser. Perfect casting.

    We haven’t seen the last of Beckel. Or Piers. Or Williams. Or Olberman.
    But we may have seen the last of Koppel and Uncle Wally

  8. Ah, as much as I like Gutfeld, – he can be a douche and get on his high horse….pointing his quasi conservative-libertarian finger at those of us Christian Conservatives for being concerned over the taking of our liberties – like saying Rush was wrong in saying the American flag could be a casualty of PC. Perino – I like her, but she gets on my nerves when she starts cheering for the Establishment – like McConnell.

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