Bedlam on House Floor: Pelosi Storms Off amid Boos from Members


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was booed after attempting to shame lawmakers into supporting the House Democrats’ resolution to condemn what they consider “racist” tweets from President Trump, arguing that anything less would be “a shameful abdication” of their oath of office to “protect the American people.”

The speaker railed against Trump during Tuesday’s debate on the House floor, promising that her caucus would continue to respond to the “disrespect” aimed at the fundamental diversity of America. She accused the president of legitimizing and increasing “fear” and “hatred” against people of color and attempted to shame lawmakers who are dismissing the Democrats’ politically fueled resolution.

“It’s so sad because you would think that there would be a given that we would universally in this body just say ‘of course, of course,’” Pelosi remarked. “There is no excuse for any response to those words but a swift and strong, unified condemnation.”

“Every single member of this institution– Democratic and Republican– should join us in condemning the president’s racist tweets,” she continued.

“To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people,” she added, sparking boos from others in the room.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) chimed in as Pelosi yielded the remainder of her time and asked if she wanted to rephrase her remarks.

“I have cleared my remarks with the parliamentarian before I read them,” Pelosi said flippantly as she walked off.


Democrats Find Nancy Pelosi Broke House Rules by Calling Trump ‘Racist’

House Passes Resolution to Condemn Trump’s ‘Racist’ Tweets, 240-187

And from Al Green’s broken record…

Rep. Al Green Files Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump.

This could amount to a nightmare for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has repeatedly stiff-armed attempts to impeach the president, purportedly out of fear that it could jeopardize the Democrats’ chances of retaining the House in 2020.

While she has softened her tone, telling CNN’s Manu Raju in June that impeachment is “not off the table,” she has not acted beyond the rhetoric. In May, Pelosi said that Trump was “goading” Democrats to impeach him.

According to the Hill’s Whip List, 84 Democrats support impeachment.

This is Green’s third time forcing action on impeaching the president.

15 Comments on Bedlam on House Floor: Pelosi Storms Off amid Boos from Members

  1. Hey Nancy! This ain’t racist at all:

    Fuck You Cunt! Parse that through your friends lexicon of offensive triggers.

  2. Chit is getting deep in “Democrap Land”. Maybe in a couple more months those that can’t swim will start drowning in it.

  3. …4 “Republican” turncoats…

    “NBC News

    The 4 Republicans who joined Democrats in condemning President Trump’s racist tweets:

    • Rep. Hurd (TX)
    • Rep. Upton (MI)
    • Rep. Fitzpatrick (PA)
    • Rep. Brooks (IN)”

  4. I hope this kerfuffle triggers some “average” Americans to look up all the stuff The Squad” has said about America. If they care somewhat for the country they live in they will understand why Trump said what he said.

    Meanwhile, friends in Seattle are setting up fundraisers on FB, “Immigrant Rights are Human Rights.”

    I’m not planning to donate.

  5. every revolution, when it starts gaining steam, starts purging its leadership that doesn’t ‘evolve’ w/ the next phases of persecution/terror/cleansing

    recognition of this shapes the strategy to deal w/ the coming battle

  6. You keep bandying about, willy nilly, the word “racist” as liberals do, it will eventually stick in your craw.

  7. There are fewer and fewer voters who are fucktarded enough to believe that the open borders + expanded welfare state the democrats are selling will lead to anything other than societal and economic ruin for the US. And this ain’t just white voters and male voters.

  8. When are the dems going to do some work FOR the American people?

    I couldn’t tell you anything worthwhile they have done in the last two-plus years.

    Pray for our great President. He puts up with so much and still produces good results for us and our great country.


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