Before FBI seized privileged Trump memos, DOJ filter teams already tainted by legal controversy – IOTW Report

Before FBI seized privileged Trump memos, DOJ filter teams already tainted by legal controversy

Just The News:

The Justice Department’s admission Monday it improperly collected attorney-client privileged documents during a court-ordered search of Donald Trump’s Florida estate was quickly followed by assurances it was no big deal because the department has a process to segregate privileged material.

But that process — known as filter teams or “taint” teams — has itself been tainted by a string of recent legal controversies over the seizure of attorney-client privilege protected materials in other cases.

Distrust among defense lawyers — including the firm that once employed Hunter Biden — about the honor system that federal law enforcement claims to use to protect privileged evidence has led to a pending writ of certiorari asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the legality of such teams.

The filter/taint team procedure “needlessly and harmfully exposes assertedly privileged communications to the government’s eyes,” lawyers for defendant Mordechai Korf and others argue in asking the nation’s nine justices to consider the case. “It undermines essential protections for the adversary system. And it jeopardizes the confidentiality needed for the applicable privileges to serve their vital purposes.”

While the justices weigh whether to take the Korf case, at least three other federals appeals courts have already raised concerns about the teams in other cases.

And the Securities and Exchange Commission — which often investigates financial crimes alongside the FBI — recently admitted to significant breaches in two cases where its computer systems mistakenly allowed criminal investigators to have access to potentially privileged documents from its administrative regulatory side. The agency blamed the mistakes on a “control deficiency.”

“We deeply regret that the Commission’s systems lacked sufficient safeguards surrounding access to Adjudication memoranda,” the agency said in a rare statement of apology. “We have great faith in the professionalism of all of our staff and will work to ensure that, going forward, we better protect the separation of adjudicatory work-product within our system for administrative adjudications, including by enhancing our systems for controlling access to Adjudication memoranda. We take this lapse in controls very seriously and are working hard to make sure nothing like it happens again.”   more

15 Comments on Before FBI seized privileged Trump memos, DOJ filter teams already tainted by legal controversy

  1. “Ve take zis lapse in controls very seriously and are vorking hard to make sure nothing like zit happens again.” Vee promise ya!

  2. Don’t worry, they’ll just find an 0boma appointed judge to wave his magic wand and make it legal.

  3. 𝓒𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓻FJB𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂

    If the “Captains” of these organizations were held to account like Naval Captains are, perhaps there would be less bullshit!

  4. Strangely, I’m worried about their professionalism. Weird.

  5. We need a pro on taint. Paging Earl of Taint!

  6. Traitors need to be either hanged or beheaded.
    This includes traitors in LE and traitors on Benches.

    It’s kind of funny that not a single Member of Congress (House or Senate) has called it what it is and condemned these treasons. Why the reticence? Too much dirt? Can’t cover-up the odor?

    And why is no MC calling for the death penalty for election fraud – which is clearly Treason – it undermines the very foundation of “Representative” government?

    Cowards? Lickspittles? Or something worse? Complicit, perhaps?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I admit I’m a deplorable semi fascist full on PDJT supporter but you cannot dismiss the “taint” on the Great Raid.

    30, count em, 30 FBI stooges, the majority of whom participated in other raids of Trump supporters spent 9, count em, 9 hours riffing and sniffing Melania’s undies.

    They took his passports and attorney client documents. This alone is a clear violation of his civil rights under the pesky constitution which is the final wall between all of us and the gulag.

    That means any other documents seized under court order are fruits of the poisonous tree and cannot be used in court. Warrants are usually very short and specific and targeted. A true search warrant usually takes less than an hour and almost always leads to an immediate arrest.

    Not a obvious hand picked hit team of federal Trump haters with a 48 page warrant to ransack a private residence based on a pretextual “crime” and seize every document in the home and during his entire presidency for heaven’s sake.

    Now their Federal Bureau of Idiots Assistant Director DC boss has been frog marched out of his DC office for fucking this up in their zeal to cover their own compromised and corrupt asses.

    I’m not a lawyer but even my cousin Vinny could beat this wrap with one finger, the most appropriate being his middle digit. Which is what PDJT can flip to the prosecuters now that they have destroyed any ability to charge him.

    When the dude who initiated the entire investigation is sacked (and hopefully charged himself) you have no case. Throw in a Special Master to prevent any planted documents from appearing and the party is over.

    There is no legal basis to use a single document now and they know it. Thibaults firing is their first admission of surrender, they are in full panic now knowing that the whistle blowers are exposing everyone. Thibault is the first attempt at scapegoating.

    This is going to eventually get Wray and Garland. PDJT is going to tear them apart like a tiger and they will offer each sacrifice up the flagpole to protect ValJar at all costs.

    Everything was declassified anyway. They have nothing and even if they did its non admissible now.

    Screw every single satanic Demonrat, we are winning.

  8. OT: WTF is going on at Drudge? It seems like the only picture of Trump they post is of him looking criminal in orange prison scrubs. Hammering home the Orange Man Bad message!

  9. @Cisco Kid August 30, 2022 at 7:42 am

    I. Just. Can’t.

    “So burbles QAnon, so burble they all.”

  10. “…was quickly followed by assurances it was no big deal because the department has a process to segregate privileged material.”

    Yeah, then they release that stuff to the MSM.

  11. I wish you would Fucktard, son of fuckface. I wish you would…

    You can’t, because just like your satanic overlords you have nothing.

    Prepare yourself for the midterms and 2024. When the Aegean Stables you wallow in are washed out shit swimmer.

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  13. All his dirty little secrets soon will be made public. Too late for a special massa for they have gone thru all the documents, aw.


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