Behind The Sanctimonious Tweets, James Comey Has a Very Serious Book Problem

CTH: For over three months there’s been an 800lb gorilla in the corner of the discussion desperately being avoided by an incurious corporate media.

In the fall of 2017 Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Clinton-Steele Dossier author Christopher Steele were in frequent media stories. However, on December 2nd 2017 the first outline of previously invisible FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page hit the headlines.

Pete and Lisa were soon joined by other previous DOJ/FBI invisibles like Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Jim Rybicki, James Baker and ‘he-who-shall-not-be-named’. Eventually the ripple effect expanded to include David Laufman (DOJ) and Mike Kortan (FBI).

However, one thing has been brutally missing throughout the three months…. there’s been no media interviews or statements by anyone.

Additionally, in a rather odd dynamic there’s no appetite by any media to get any of the names on record,… for anything…. not.a.word. Not a single satellite truck outside any house. No-media knocking on doors for comment(s). No TV pundits seeking ‘exclusive’ interviews to set the record straight, etc. It’s as if everyone in the DOJ/FBI ‘small group’ is carrying has an Ebola virus that destroys healthy narrative cells.  read more

9 Comments on Behind The Sanctimonious Tweets, James Comey Has a Very Serious Book Problem

  1. I will not buy this book, even if some give me the book for free and ifs I had a dog I will not clean the dog ass with that book.

  2. Because “The Greater Good” was already taken?

    Anyone who can’t rationalize any self-serving notion they come up with into some sort of higher purpose simply isn’t trying.

  3. I would love to see one or two of these dirty half dozen, Comey, Strzok, Page, Priestap, Baker, and McCabe, interviewed on national TV by either Laura Ingraham or Judge Jeanine Pirro. That would be a humdinger!

  4. My theory is that most US presidential elections are rigged by the major political parties in partnership with the media and anyone inside the government needed to assure the selected winner is protected from legal jeopardy for any crimes they’ve committed and the selected loser is destroyed by the usual smears and false charges if he gets too close to winning. Trump winning may be the very first time this rigged system has failed, which is why the DoJ, FBI, and likely even the NSA and CIA worked in unison to destroy Trump with a bullshit investigation. They only problem is, this kind of corruption false apart if you still want to hide just how corrupt the government really is. They can’t just git rid of Trump with the kind of blatant railroading the democrats want because they risk the majority of Americans figuring out that our presidential elections have been complete scams for decades.

    Ex-CIA directory Woolsey admitted on Fox News that the CIA interferes in other countries’ elections for “good” reasons. Does anyone think that kind of arrogance and entitlement to fuck with other countries’ democratic processes stops outside our own country’s border, where these organizations actually have their headquarters and leadership and budgets? No fucking way. Rigging US elections is likely job 1 inside the deep state. And thanks to social media and Hillary being such fat-assed fainting fuck up, Trump won when he was supposed to lose. And now the shit has hit the fan because they can’t control this guy like the could some dope smoking faggot piece of shit like Obama or some drunken mental lightweight like GW.


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