Behold- The Appropriately Named Snowflake Club

The Sun-

A Canadian club bans white comedian because he has DREADLOCKS branding his hair a ‘slap in the face for decades of slavery’.

The appropriately named Snowflake Comedy Club said Zach Poitras’s hairstyle was “a slap in the face” for “colonialism,  slavery and cultural genocide”.

In a Facebook post, they argue that “it is a privilege to be able to wear dreads as a white person”.

Poitras has so far not commented on the ban, comedy website Chortle reports.

The Coop les Récoltes bar and co-operative at the University of Quebec at Montreal, which runs the comedy club, admitted a white person with dreadlocks may not have a racist intention.

But it added: “Cultural ownership is a vehicle for racism whose consequences are real.

“‘We live in a society where systemic racism is present and where the spaces where people who are marginalised can feel safe are very rare.

“The Co-op Les Récoltes aspires to be a space where these people will feel comfortable. We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment within our spaces.”


You just discriminated against some dude because of the way he wears his hair, you idiot.

I’m sure the comedy is a laugh riot in this joint->




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  1. You want to talk “cultural appropriation”?
    Ok, all you with the dark tan of African ancestry, take of your pants and shoes. “You didn’t build that”.
    Ditto for paper money. Break out the shells and rocks.
    Food? Put down that sandwich, knife, fork, and spoon.

    I’m sure there’s much more than I can think of at the moment.

  2. All that straight Caucasian hair on Moose, Beyondthebend, and every other black in govt and media is Cultural Appropriation.

  3. WHY would libtards go to a “comedy” club? They have NO sense of humor. 🙄

    Oh wait – this was in Canadia; they have a GREAT sense of humor! Exhibit A:

    Trudeau! 😆

  4. Once again these jumpy fools know no history.(i have welsh scott aboriginal north american ancestry)dreads are not african.

  5. idiots! Dreads have been worn in practically all ancient civilizations

    they were on the Indian subcontinent over 1000 years B.C. Native Americans, Egyptians, Spartans wore them
    … ‘effin’ twatwaffles need to be slapped w/ the facts!

  6. These assholes and those that follow in their footsteps are….assholes…they are so damn concerned about ‘political correctness’ they can’t help but be the very assholes that they would have us avoid.
    They inadvertently become the exact despicable dumb-shits that they earnestly try to warn us to stay clear of.

  7. the irony is that blacks of african descent can only put their hair in dreadlocks AFTER they have their hair straightened.

  8. Wow! This Man Caused Climate Change (not “Anthropo” — sometimes gender matters) is worse than I thought! I didn’t even know Canada had cotton plantations. And, now, they’re gone. (sniffle)

  9. The real irony is that virtually all white people that have dreadlocks are lefties (except for WCD’s sister).

  10. “Get woke, go broke”
    Let’s hope this non comedy club is feeling as much backlash and financial pain as Gillette.

  11. “We live in a society where systemic racism is present and where the spaces where people who are marginalized can feel safe are very rare”

    There are plenty of places in the world where you can experience real racism.
    Pick one and go!
    Learn some facts!
    Get out of Canada’s rectum and do something useful!

  12. Slavery is still widely practiced in Africa, at least in the Muslim controlled part of it.

    Something no one seems to care much about.

  13. Expanding on Woodman’s theme:

    Turn out the electric lights (white culture, Maxwell & Edison).
    Remove the glass from the windows (white culture).
    Remove the tables and chairs (white culture).
    Remove the cups and saucers (white culture).
    Get rid of all paper products (chink culture).
    Remove all printed material (block printed – chink, movable type – white).
    Get rid of all clean drinkable water (white culture).
    Get rid of tablecloths (white culture).
    Get rid of comedy (white culture).
    Get rid of all reading material (chink culture).
    Get rid of the English and French language (white culture).

    Show me a single instance of an American/Canadian negro slave with “dreadlocks.”

    These ignorant assholes really are tiresome.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. So what is the point of “Diversity” then?

    f I run a business and I bring in a diverse work force so I can supposedly pick up the best tips and tricks they have to offer, would I not be then accused of cultural appropriation for using them to better my workplace?

    If I walk into a Chinese Restaurant for an order of take out, then I’m guilty of cultural appropriation. If myself and other non-Asians don’t order food from there and they go out of business, then we are racists for not not being diverse enough to purchase their cuisine.

  15. Today’s American Thinker has an interesting article that fits right into this discussion, it’s called Everything is racist: a handy list by Geoffrey P Hunt and guess what it’s all whitey’s fault, everything white is racist.

  16. When I see a black person, I see his skin color! The same goes for a white person, too ! Oh my! What else must I do?!

  17. But do you think they would turn away a black woman who has a weave made of a white woman’s hair ? Of course not.

  18. ‘comedy is a laugh riot in this joint’
    Picture explains it all, folks lined up for blocks to get in.
    Such an inviting neighborhood.

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