Beijing energy firm chairman gifted Hunter Biden an $80,000 diamond

Republican Brief:

A damning new report claims that Hunter Biden helped expand Chinese influence in America in a $10 million a year agreement and an $80,000 diamond.

In her new book, Laptop from Hell, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, describes Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese-linked energy consortium, called CEFC.

Based on hundreds of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop which he left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019, and transcripts of messages from WhatsApp, she claims that the Biden family offered their services to CEFC to help expand its business around the world.

In exchange, Devine writes, Hunter Biden received $10 million a year for three years, and a diamond worth at least $80,000.

Devine writes in her new book, out Tuesday, that Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, was tasked with expanding the Chinese energy consortium’s influence around the world, and James Gillar, a former SAS officer, recommended he link up with the Biden family. more

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  1. This fully splains it Lucy, why Hunter had to do that Art show. 10 million wasn’t enough to cover his crack habit.

  2. The “two rules” system has got to end.
    There are expansive ethics laws for members of corporations and I’m pretty sure just this one item would get the average citizen in really big trouble.


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