Beirut Explosion Damages Grain Silos Holding Nation’s Grain Reserve

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A depot at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon caught fire and led to an explosion Aug. 4, damaging the city’s largest grain elevator nearby and causing material damage to other structures in the area, according to local media reports.

Beside the grain silos, a grain terminal was seen damaged in the explosion, according to various reports and analysts. The port handles 60% of all Lebanon imports. More

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  1. FYI: I read that 100 people were killed, and a 4000 were wounded, Must have been one hell of a bang.

  2. “Now remember Abdul DO NOT cross the red and blue wires……ABdul…Abdul are you receiving?…hello….

  3. I worked in the mining industry for a number of years and ammonium nitrate plus fuel oil (ANFO) is what drill holes were loaded with. Makes one hell of a blast.

    I feel sorry for the innocent children who were injured.

  4. Initial reports were saying it was a fireworks manufacturer. I am guessing that was the prepared cover story, if something went wrong. It was probably a Hezbollah munitions factory. That is likely why port officials ignored repeated warnings over six years and kept the ammonium nitrate stored there.

    The videos showed a cluster of small but significant explosions, which caused the large plume of smoke, then the main store of ammonium nitrate detonated, which formed a mushroom cloud from the pressure wave.

    It is going to be difficult for Iran and Hezbollah to spin this, but it should be fun to watch them try.

    It may well be that there was an attack on the munitions plant which proved to be way too successful. There is something going on in Iran, which I think is internal to Iran, that is targeting these kinds of facilities. With this attack and perhaps the fire in UAE Iranian market, these actions are reaching out to Iran’s operations worldwide. If that is the case, look for something mysteriously blowing up in Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and/or Brazil, or in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Panama, Bolivia or Mexico. Both Iran and Hezbollah have established themselves in these countries.

  5. A few questions:
    – Who keeps almost 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate in storage for 5 years? If it was confiscated from some boat, GET RID OF IT!!!
    – If you think those 2700 tons of explosives might be useful, why keep them at a busy port that is an easy target for strike by people who don’t like you?
    – Why keep those explosives near a major population area?

  6. I am just a tiny bit embarrassed to admit this, But there are so many shit hole countries that I really do not know if this shit hole is a ‘good’ shit hole, or a ‘Bad” shit hole.

    Any Idea what type of American Hating shit hole this is friends?

  7. Somewhere….In Middle America…Someone found out what that old light switch

    in the Basement was for…..

  8. It wasn’t just normal Ammonium Nitrate.
    Tags on the IBC four loop bags labeled it as Nitroprill, a type of AN used specifically for manufacturing explosives.
    They must have had a very large celebration with fireworks planned if they had 2700 tons.
    Or perhaps they got a good deal off Ebay.
    I can’t imagine them using it for anything else, can you?


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