Belgium Sees Surge of ‘Glue-Addicted’ North African Children

Breitbart Europe: The Belgian capital of Brussels has seen the arrival of dozens of migrant street children in recent months, many addicted to glue-sniffing and alcohol.

The minors, who are generally between the ages of nine and 14, are said to have mainly come from Algeria and Morocco, and have travelled to the Belgian capital in their dozens since June of this year, broadcaster BX1 reports.

Many of the young migrants have come not directly from North Africa but from other European Union member states like France, Spain, or Sweden.

David Lowyck, director of Minor Nkado Centre, a centre for minor migrants, said that the children often live on the street or in squats and live by means of petty theft.

“They are also children who are addicted to glue, ether or alcohol. Real street children,” he added.

“It’s hard to know if these children are really from human trafficking but since some have already been arrested for theft far from Brussels, it is believed a network uses these children,” Lowyck said. read more

20 Comments on Belgium Sees Surge of ‘Glue-Addicted’ North African Children

  1. Why?
    Why are drug-addicted African children in Belgium?

    WTF is wrong with people? Belgium hasn’t enough problems that it must import them (sounds kinda familiar)?

    What a bunch of fukkin morons.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The left/Islamic axis playing their swamp lackies in the plot to destroy the rest of us.

    It was working well Trump!

  3. And you talk like this is a bad thing? I see it as a “win”.
    Intoxicated, incapacitated, uncoordinated (i.e., no knife, gun, or truck attack jihad), soon to die, throw their corpses into either the water to feed the fishes, or into the wood chipper to fertilize the farm fields.
    Where can I donate to buy these ragheads more glue?
    (that may be an idea – drop a metric shit ton of glue on the Kaaba in Mecca during the hajj – breath deep!)

    “Oh, wait, they’re already here in the street gutter. Nebber’mind”

  5. You think weed is bad,glue and paint thinner
    will kill your brain literally.These kids are
    zombies and can never recover.

  6. “who are generally between the ages of twenty nine and 34, are said to have mainly come from Algeria and Morocco”


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