Bell tolling for FBI Director Christopher Wray?

Another FBI high-ranking official was fired for deep state activity — and FBI Director Christopher Wray was not told about it.

American Thinker: Here’s Undercover Huber’s Twitter reaction:

Huber, who is believed to be some knowledgable U.S. attorney somewhere who knows how things work, is a popular source on Twitter for sorting out deep-state messaging. He thinks the bell is tolling, or maybe the seat is on fire for Wray, based on the firing of Sally Yates’ successor, FBI chief legal counsel Dana Boente, a longtime government lawyer who was brought in to help clean up after Yates. MORE

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  1. Who are the bells tolling this morning? Director Quasimodo Wray must be the first man since the Hunchback of Notre Dame who was unable to hear those damned bells. Institutional deafness will do that to Deep State Swamp Dwellers.

  2. Suddenly, gender identification, cultural appropriation, and ChineseVirus(tm) aren’t viable topics right now.
    As if they ever have been.
    Oh, and George Floyd, too. He stopped being relevant five days ago, based on those “marching in his memory.”

  3. In their haste to find the dart that will finally bullseye PDJT they continue to step on the previous failed strategy and totally disarm it.

    Russia, Russia, Russia begat Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine begat Shampeachment begat Plandemic begat civil unrest all of which is supposed to begat cheat at home voting and the removal of PDJT by the cabal.

    Look at the sheer desperation and magnitude of their panicked actions as they empty every cabinet looking for the one recipe that will finally poison the King.

    The dust is barely settled from one asinine plan before another is throw out like chaff from a targeted bomber. The missle of justice is locked on target now, and no idiotic effort will spare them but you can expect that bomber to drop every combination of bomb loads before the missle hits.

  4. A pic was posted (I believe it was Friday night) with the caption “Trump meets with his top LE officials…). Notably Wray wasn’t included.
    Has anyone checked w/his wife to see if she came across a black mask, gloves and bicycle lock wrapped in a black sock when she last did the laundry?

  5. Wray’s name came up in some releases, unless my memory’s gone completely to shit. Maybe one of the minor traitors – can’t recall the context.

    I’m not sure why President Trump and AG Barr tolerate him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Why wait for him to screw up/hide something else, walk him out the door yesterday.

  7. He wasn’t at Trumps meeting with top law enforcement people because at the time he was still fixing his hair.

  8. Wray is VERY slow to the realization that the gig is up and the FBI’s policies of covering up FBI sins is NO LONGER TOLERATED.

  9. Eff his disloyal actions in the attempted coup (he’ll pay for that later), but while he’s still the FBI director I want to know why the FBI is missing from the investigation of all of these antifa attacks across America.

  10. Good morning, Joe! You beat me to it by five minutes. I’m thinking Grenell will be the next head of FBI, too. I hope.

  11. The fact Wray has not been fired right after sessiosn whas sh*t-canned is one of biggest bad jokes I have ever seen.

    How is that scummy crook still head of the FBI 15 months after Barr became attorney general??

    No wonder no one will EVER trust the FBI again.

  12. clayusmcret – Barr announce FBI will be getting involved in the antifa/blm riot arrests. The rioters also vandalized federal buildings and courthouses.
    They usually have the FBI and the State BI join up to arrest.

  13. MJA — Sorta makes you wonder if these guys would have been looked at if their targets weren’t federal property, doesn’t it? Sad. I’ve read a few headlines about churches and synagogues — several, including an historic church across from the WH, burned or heavily vandalized. If the pictures were true, it looked like a total loss.


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