Ben Carson Accused of Being Transphobic By Smug Dem

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  1. She tells (not asks) him to apologize for comments made during a staff meeting where he related a story he heard during his meeting with a woman’s group from Alaska.

    Notice how the fascist Wexton asks for the name of the group? When Dr. Carson states he can’t recall, the fascist Wexton wants him to provide the name to her office.

    She will have this group destroyed within a week. She is a one issue wonder – LGBTQWERTY Uber Alles!

  2. What a smug twat.
    Do you have a serious question or do you just prefer to preen for the fringe lunatics in your following?

  3. Her: “You don’t think you need to apologize for those comments?”

    Proper response: “Are you stupid? Did you listen to what I just said, or did you not comprehend it?”

    Her: “Will you give us the name of that group?”

    Proper response: “No.”

  4. Gunny’s right. She’s a fascist.

    Unless we find a way to fight them, they will destroy our culture and society. How?

  5. …I love listening to (and joining in) Ben Carson’s opening prayers at the cabinet meetings. I think POTUS Trump has made him the official opening prayer person. Even in considering diplomacy with God, Trump picks the right guy.

  6. AA,

    I am not quite sure what your beliefs are but you might want to consider that the fascism we’re seeing can’t be stopped.

    Is only a foretaste of the omnipotent global government/economy/religion that was foretold thousands of years ago to precede the coming of the literal human Antichrist (who in turn will precede the literal glorious return and reign of Christ Himself).

    That framework – mental, physical and spiritual – is what we can see being formed before our eyes. It’s really happening.

    Such was impossible at any point in human history before now, so much so that infidels took it as a reason to reject Scripture as false.

    But that arrogant fool is just one tiny cog, a molecule, in the formation of the satanic structure that God says WILL, for a season, rule almost every soul on earth, when all willingly bow before the human avatar of Satan and gladly accept his mark.

    For that reason, I am convinced that it cannot be stopped: God says it MUST happen. Why? To prove for all time and eternity that wicked mankind is utterly without excuse and was never able to manage his own affairs, no matter how much time and grace God extended.

    So what to do? Pretty much all that one could ever do: look after his own, and make sure that he is in the figurative Ark of safety, which is Christ, via trusting in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Ephesians 2:8-9, and Titus 3:5, which very few churches believe, preach or practice, to their doom.

    Clock’s ticking. This day of grace WILL be coming to a close, without warning. After that, those now lost have very, very little hope but when God sends them the great delusion, they will almost certainly be owned by Antichrist.

    Don’t expect to save the trainwreck, it’s already a loss and can only grow worse. Just be prepared.

    With affection and grace to you all!

  7. Grool, I think we are to fight but not with fists. Fight for what’s right in Gods eyes. We have to stand up to evil even if it means going to prison for our actions. Why do you Paul was put in prison.

  8. FarmWife,

    I never said not to vote or anything like that. I’m just saying that the decay we see all around is old news; we’re not the first on this downhill slide and we will not be the first to stop it, for a very simple reason.

    No free society lasts very long AS a free society, at least not by historical measurement. They tend to be very brief and end badly. The reason why they don’t last is the same reason the Left makes slow but unstoppable inroads into every area of life, now infecting and controlling almost everything while (looking big picture) conservatives invariably lose ground.

    That simple reason is, the Left appeals to depraved human nature…greed, avarice, lust, hatred, etc…as its means to getting power. It works every time the Left is given enough time to spread and wherever too few were awake enough to offer resistance.

    In short, sinful human nature does NOT change, ever, and the Left knows it. It makes their plans very easy to accomplish. All it takes is decades, and we know how patient the Left can be.

    “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” The U.S. will prove to be no different. Pains me to say that but it’s a fact because the U.S. is made up of 100% humans, just like everywhere else.

    On top of that, we are well past the tipping point where too many people WANT the lies that the Left sells them. Our side has nothing to compete with free stuff at other people’s expense and the punishment/destruction of people whose opinions we just don’t like. No free society survives that intact.

    In the meanwhile, we should still do what we can, but we should have a thousand mile stare while we do. The ultimate end will not be here in this country, nor even on this earth. ALL THIS WILL PASS AWAY and eternity will be in view. One is either prepared for that in Christ, or one isn’t.


    Paul was repeatedly put in prison, whipped, stoned, beaten, etc, for preaching the Gospel of the grace of God, not for his political views. He didn’t preach politics, but Christ and Him crucified.

  9. Grool
    Yes you’re right Paul was put in prison for preaching the word and it was against the law or Romes rules for him to do so. So in in a way he was a rebel so to speak.
    I’m not arguing here, just trying to make a point that if it’s all for good then I think God is okay with us standing up to evil of all forms, government, individuals etc. as long as we’re doing it for His glory.

  10. ‘Phobic’ is fear. I don’t fear homosexuality, transgenders, or other ‘minority ways, sects, living styles, or morale choices the leftists use to beat the hell out of their opposition.

    I have a few phobias: spiders, dying in fire, being eaten alive and the DAMNATION OF SOCIALISM.

  11. “I’m not arguing here, just trying to make a point that if it’s all for good then I think God is okay with us standing up to evil of all forms, government, individuals etc.”

    I agree. Where I disagree with most conservatives is that it can save society, via politics. It won’t. It may delay bad things but only delay them, not prevent them. Human nature is what it is but when government shifts to openly indulging, rewarding and protecting depravity, the end is in sight.

  12. Grool, I completely agree.

    World peace and prosperity WILL be achieved – but it will be the anti-christ in charge.

    One world government, but more importantly, one world religion will be in place.

    The mark of the beast is coming to expose who their enemy is. Non-participants will be those of us who know we’ll be separated from God forever if we get it. This woman is the live version of the mark. She wants her enemy exposed, shunned, cancelled, and destroyed – just like the purpose of the mark.

    So when you see the person that solves the world problems – your spiritual armor better be shiny, strong and in use.

    Accept Christ as your savior, read and learn His Word. That’s your armor. Then hold fast and spread the good news of salvation and eternal life with the creator of everything. This life is but a blip in time where you make your choice.

    He has wonderful things in store beyond human imagination.

    Your soul is eternal. You’ll regret not doing so forever.

  13. ^^^

    I misspoke in an earlier post. I implied that those who receive the delusion, which precedes the mark, will have very little hope. In fact, it says they will have NO hope.

  14. Why do so many of them look like versions of Blasey Ford? Dishwater blondes with Nick Nolte faces and big glasses…ugh.

  15. @ Farmwife

    Of course we resist and push in the other direction, but God Himself says it’s going to happen anyway.

    Concentrate on the people around you that they are awakened to this and lead them to Christ. That’s where you’ll make the real, everlasting difference.

    Pray all the time. Submit to God’s will. Truly the biggest difference makers we can do individually. It’s God that draws them near, touches their hearts, and gives us inspiration to say the right thing at the right time.

  16. Amen AA, grool, Dadod4 and FarmWife.

    When we fight back against evil and pray for mercy, we are not fighting against the future we know God has as his ultimate plan. We are fighting FOR eyes to be opened to God’s will and for the lost souls to see the evil and turn away to God.

    God is King.

  17. Dad of 4,
    Not only to those around us but the great commission is to spread His word in all 4 corners of the world. Missionaries. We need more of them.

  18. I’m not a transphobic. I’m just fully aware that they are degenerate assholes who shouldn’t be granted the right to destroy women’s sports and invade women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Nor should they be housed on women’s prisons nor actual women be required to wax their balls. No phobia about it. I see them for exactly what they are, degenerates.

  19. “Transphobic” = “afraid of… ‘across’?” 🤨

    How does he solve the other half of crossword puzzles then? 🤔


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