Ben Carson Reportedly Tells Off Maxine Waters for Lack of ‘Basic Manners’

WJ: Rep. Maxine Waters issued a letter attacking President Donald Trump for his supposed “shamelessness” in response to the nation’s homeless crisis.

“Your shamelessness knows no bounds,” the California Democrat wrote in late October. “From day one of your presidency, you have attacked our democracy and now you have set your ire on the 550,000 Americans who on any given night experience homelessness.”

The congresswoman slammed Trump for defunding certain Department of Housing and Urban Development programs, actions she claims will increase homelessness in the United States.

Although Waters demanded the president answer to her insults and insinuations, she likely didn’t expect a scorching response from HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

“Shamelessness is a career politician of 30 years laying blame,” Carson shot back in a Monday letter, Politico reported. “Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent.” read more

18 Comments on Ben Carson Reportedly Tells Off Maxine Waters for Lack of ‘Basic Manners’

  1. If what Maxine Waters lacks was a Family Feud category, my first guess of what “basic” thing she lacks would have been hygiene followed by natural hair.

  2. Maxine is just pushing for legislation that will generate millions of dollars so she can siphon off a sizable percentage for her own benefit in the guise of pretending to help the homeless. This is a Democrat staple; create a problem through their own inaction and malfeasance, demand expensive legislation to correct a problem they made, and then financially benefit from the millions of dollars that flow to their district. Actually helping someone is not on the agenda because (1) people like Maxine Waters do not really care about them except to keep them out of their neighborhood, and (2) if the problem is solved then the money goes away.

  3. Public Wig snatching on African American appropriators of straight hair should be a thing.
    If someone did it to this Harpy on live Television I would donate most generously to their defense fund

  4. None of the career pols have figured out — even three plus years on — that MAGA is here to stay and POTUS Trump and his support are unmovable in the face of their puny and comedic attacks. Going back to the analogy given by Gingrich: Trump is the bear in The Revenant. If you make a lot of noise, the bear comes over and chews your face off. Then he sits on you. Waters should take heed of what happened to Cummings when he tried to blame Trump for his district’s rat-infested ghettos. Cummings only succeeded in shining a great big light on the failure of Democrats and their sticky fingers when it comes to federal tax grants.

  5. @Wyatt — It’s called the Homeless Industrial Complex, and it’s the latest and most lucrative source of bales of money from which several bales simply “disappear”, never to be accounted for again. There is nothing compassionate about Democrats making local laws to encourage addicts to continue their “lifestyle” by giving out syringes and maintaining “shooting galleries” (such a fun name, huh?), or making it legal for people to park their derelict campers and RVs next to the stores so it’s not such a long walk back with all their stolen merchandise.

    Compassion doesn’t drive these laws; it’s waiting for the money pipeline to start gushing.

  6. Maxine Waters could learn a thing or two about civility if she’d spend time at a Primate Center. Problem is, she’d teach primates how to fling shit.

  7. The Homeless Industrial Complex – A real giant Rat Hole!
    A Rat Hole she doesn’t live in!
    Mad Max has spent 30 years taking advantage of the homeless and poor simple to personally enrich herself so she can live in a 4 million dollar mansion! Yet she points the finger of blame on President Trump. It is totally preposterous to think that someone who has been President for 3 years is somehow responsible for over a half-century of democRATs selling their constituents Hope & Change® Snake Oil every time there is an election and promising to make a difference because, of course, democRATs “really care” about the poor! Whutta crock of shit!

  8. Poor Maxine – if she only had a brain.

    It really makes me wonder how anyone can vote for someone as stupid as she is. Democrats really have to be somewhere down in the 50’s on the intelligence scale.

    Time for some natural selection to kick in…

  9. Why is homelessness in mad maxie’s district the responsibility of the federal government?
    It’s not current federal mismanagement that has caused it…

  10. I never heard one word from any democrat during the kenyons 8 years of autocratic rule about homelessness.

    now a republican sits in the hot seat and all of a sudden we have a homeless problem again.

  11. Dr. Ben Carson has proven to be a 1st person as well as a valuable ally in the Trump Administration. He just quietly continues to do a good job.

  12. Sad, yet always love it when a person of a dark complexion points out the shear stupidity of an-others non-education.
    Ben Nailed it!
    God Bless him!

  13. Dr. Carson was too nice in his assessment of Mad Maxine’s behavior, which is way beyond bad manners, it’s about being criminal and corrupt. There has been plenty of evidence to prove it over the years. Waters has cheated and stolen from her tax paying constituents, (as small as a number that may be, they still count). and also taken kickbacks from a variety of federal programs for many years.

    Her behavior proves she has no concern whatsoever for the homelessness of her district, where she doesn’t even live. Sadly, her constituents have not demanded accountability from her. It just gives her insentive to continue scamming and disgracing the people she represents.
    Waters deserves to be procecuted to the fullest extent of the law for crimes of extortion, bribery and traitorous acts. The same crimes she has accused President Trump of committing without cause.

    At this point, I doubt she’ll receive the punishment deserved, because of her possible Deep State connections. However, Mad Maxine can’t escape God’s judgement for her evil deeds. She deserves nothing less.


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