Ben Carson Stuck in Elevator While Touring Affordable Housing Unit – IOTW Report

Ben Carson Stuck in Elevator While Touring Affordable Housing Unit

Optics not so good for this affordable housing.

He was stuck for 20 minutes.


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is safe and sound, thanks to the Miami Fire and Police Departments who rescued him from a stuck elevator Wednesday.

The incident occurred while Carson was touring an affordable housing complex in Overtown, a Miami neighborhood. Waiting outside the elevator: former Miami Heat and NBA star Alonzo Mourning.

10 Comments on Ben Carson Stuck in Elevator While Touring Affordable Housing Unit

  1. No more ‘affordable housing.’ Please. Just get rid of it. What a stupid euphemism,how long did some moron liberal work to come up with that catchy phrase. It is stupid social engineering with dumbass bureaucrats deciding how many of this color people they want over here, and how many they want over there. With taxpayer money. and their neighborhoods remaining 99% white. I can’t afford to live in downtown San Francsico — not fair!!! WAh! Wah! Wah! Government, help me! Make someone give me subsidized housing I can’t afford!! Let people live where they can afford to live. If they want to move up to a better neighborhood, let that serve as an incentive to go to/stay in school, get a second job, stay out of jail, save their money — you know, things that we’ve encouraged industrious people to do since the founding of our country. It is stupid left-wing psycho lunatic social engineering and it should be stopped in full, now.

  2. Wheeeesh….where do you go with this….Was he stuck in the back of the elevator?…or how many times did Alonzo play golf with Obama….I’m thinking regularly and right after Benghazi….or some other sad thing that he didn’t want to attend….

  3. Incident was the most powerful incentive to end HUD. Blessing in disguise? That was an education, perhaps not for Dr Carson, but for America about big government suckage.

  4. I’d rather be ‘rescued’ from a stuck elevator than ‘collected’ from the wreckage at the bottom of the shaft.

  5. Do you know what would make housing more affordable?

    1. Not subsidizing it with tax money.
    2. Deporting all the illegal aliens and “refugees.”

  6. I’m sure he’s been stuck in lifts before, and 20 mins isn’t much. But at least he’s seeing the problems from the inside now.

  7. BFD. I like Carson but I couldn’t care less.

    Affordable Housing is: Renting or buying a house/apartment/condo that *YOU* CAN AFFORD, based upon the income of *YOUR EMPLOYMENT*, based on the area you live or realize that *YOU* may HAVE to MOVE TO based upon *YOUR* occupational skills.

    If you are unemployed, get a f’kn job. Ben got into the elevator, taxpayers get the shaft.

    NOT *MY* or any other taxpayers’ problem.

  8. Now, what did he DO while stuck in the elevator? That’s
    the real story.

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