Ben Carson to press houses of worship to help in fight against homelessness

Just The News: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson plans to call on all churches, synagogues, and mosques in America to help fight homelessness in the weeks and months to come.

“If every church would adopt one homeless person or one homeless family, with the goal of making them self-sufficient in a year, can you imagine what the impact would be?” Carson asked in an interview with Just the News for the Pod’s Honest Truth podcast.

HUD officials say this is not a new agency policy but rather a personal call by a man who is not only a cabinet secretary but also a devout Christian who wants to promote godly principles such as caring for your neighbor.

“Our money says, ‘In God We Trust,’” Carson noted. “Why don’t we act like that?” read more

10 Comments on Ben Carson to press houses of worship to help in fight against homelessness

  1. First off… the “houses of war ship” need to get out of the business of importing “diversity “.. just sayin

  2. Yeah. Maybe if you let the churches do it their way, without interference. Always when one gets involved with Gubberment, no matter how worthy the goal, there are too many strings attached.

  3. No matter how good the intentions the results are often disastrous. If anything it should be strictly voluntary and not coerced by the govt. Some people are just plain ungrateful and no matter how hard you try to change their circumstances they often don’t or want to be left alone. Sometimes you get lucky helping someone who needs help but you often don’t. You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change or be coerced into changing just because it makes you look and feel good that you’ve done a good deed for someone who doesn’t want your help. Don’t get me wrong I like Ben Carson personally but this is a bad idea.

  4. A couple thousand bucks of bad heroin in major metropolitan areas should cut the number of bums in half within the first few days.

  5. Abolish HUD, find him another post. NOTHING in the Constitution gives the federal government say in housing except that they can’t quarter troops in private homes.

  6. The main newspaper in Utah just ran a tearjerker story about how the community built a brand spanking new house for a migrant family! Sad! We don’t have enough homeless Americans to help so we have to go and recruit a family from Africa and wine and dine them for self congratulatory back slapping kudos!

  7. The “only” reason the homeless people are in these areas, is because someone wants them there. My guess is to devalue the property to the point it can be bought cheap. Clean out the homeless, double the rent, turn it all into socialist type housing area. I haven’t searched Californacation, but in NYC a 12×20 apartment is $2700 a month. I could make my garage into 3 apartments. Same as always, Follow the Money.


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