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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Following the first GOP presidential primary debate in Cleveland, Ohio, Breitbart News caught up exclusively with GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson after he left Quicken Loans Arena, where the debate was held. Carson said he wanted a question about immigration, so he could tell the American people his plan to handle the 11 million people who are in America illegally.

“I thought in the beginning I wasn’t getting asked any questions – Scott Walker wasn’t either – but I think they tired to correct that in the second half,” Carson told Breitbart News.

“I wanted to get asked about immigration – didn’t get a chance to do that.” He added, “I was hoping someone would ask me about cyber warfare.”

“With immigration, I would have said everybody is concentrating on the southern border, but we have to seal all the borders because it’s not just people from Guatemala we are worrying about – it’s radical jihadists. We must be much more serious about that,” Carson stressed.

He shared his plan to handle the millions of illegal immigrants who are in the country already, explaining, “It’s an unreasonable proposition to think you’re going to round millions of people up and deport them … we have to be realistic.”

“You have to turn off the spigot that dispenses all the goodies – that would stem the flow of people in here,” Carson explained, addressing the increasing entitlement programs via the federal government.




Levin observed that Fox orchestrated the undercard debate very professionally and proved they know what they are doing. Yet, he believes that with the top tier debate, Fox decided that they were “going to go for the ratings… and turned it into reality TV.”


  1. If Mr. Carson is still around in 8 years, I suggest he run for president again. Cruz is the one whom I trust to turn things around. But also I remember what Spurgeon said: “The best of men are men at best.” One man cannot do everything. We must help.

  2. Shoulda been 1 question, 10 answers.

    “What is your plan to eliminate the $20 Trillion debt?”



    “What is your plan to expel 11 million illegal invading rat-people?”




    Would have been much more informative and less circus-y.

  3. Typical “probing, in-depth” MSM question:

    “Everyone fondly remembers ‘Bewitched’ with Liz Montgomery. We all watched it, including you. So, who made the better charter of Darren, Dick York or Dick Sargent, and why?”

    And they wonder why “Journalist” ranks behind lawyer, politician and dig catcher, when in 1955, it was consistently perceived as one of the top 5 most honest, trustworthy professions.

  4. Pre-debate; All in soundproof booths, each answering the same questions, video deposition style.

    Then when it starts, a 5 minute “espous-ition” from each, then let the fur fly. The “supposed moderators” would, of course, be replaced by folks who know how to keep a low profile and carry a big stick…

  5. Ahh Ben, rather then whine about questions you didn’t get asked, why not take the time you’re whining to give us a thumbnail of your solution to the illegal immigration nightmare.

    Trump managed to do that exact same thing in about 2 minutes.

    Carson would be a great neighbor but I definitely do not want to see him as the nominee or VP.

  6. For the record it could be strongly argued that Dr. Ben Carson is the best-read person in the 17-person GOP line-up. Walking away. That’s his hobby, reading. He probably has subscriptions to every current events news service worth reading, has read all the historical commentary and the available biographies of all the Federalists and could tell you the name of the guy who saved the canvas of Geo. Washington when the British burned down the WH. He’s probably read the works of Cicero, Cincinattus and Homer in their original Latin and Greek. Like Cruz, Carson is a man from the original Founders’ mold and there are very few like them; men who not only understand the necessity of a place like America, but who feel the American impulse so deeply they suffer acutely in this alien land that is so far removed from its original pilings. His courage is worth emulating.

  7. It would have been more informative and less circus-y, which explains precisely why they did it.

    There are more debates to come, perhaps they wanted to start with a bang and then get serious. Perhaps that’s wishful excuse making.

  8. He was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, whom I dislike but give props to for his interviewing skills.

    Saying that Dr Carson is naive is putting it gently. He was totally mixed up about the various factions vying for power in the ME. He might be well read but he’s not read a number of books on the ME that even I have. Books like The Looming Tower that are fundamental for understanding the mindset we face with Islam.

    He’s also made quite a few statements that has necessitated him walking them back and that’s always a red flag to me.

    There’s no doubt he’s a very intelligent man and after the interview got up to speed. I believe he’s not up to the job of president. I think he’s a fabulous man, lord his life story is just about the most inspiring thing you could ever read but he’s not presidential material.

  9. I have read several biographies of Madison-American History is one of my favorite subjects, I have about 1,000 hardcover books on our Founding and Founders.

    I have read the Constitution many times and he was the chief architect and writer.

    I have read The Federalist Papers where Madison makes the case quite well for our Constitution as it was finally writ.

    I’ve heard Dr Carson speak and there’s no doubt he loves this country. Yeah so? He sees our morals are in the toilet and our country is doing a big swirly. I do too. Should I be president. I certainly am far more knowledgable about the ME. And the Second Amendment for that matter.

    You twist my observation that he completely failed to make a coherent observation about the current players in the ME into Dr Carson being afraid to provoke his host. I didn’t say anything within 10 miles of that. He simply didn’t know what Hugh was talking about and it was fairly basic to explaining the nightmare over there.

    Just so you know where my heart and head is, I don’t think there are too many men alive today that can hold a candle to the Founders. Economically, Milton Friedman and Luigi Zingales come to mind. Throw Levin in there too, he gets how our decline is tied to our fiscal irresponsibility. Socially, Kirk was a giant. The man with the skills to put ideas into policy was Reagan.

    Finally comparing him to Madison?? Please. Provide me the links to his profound writings on our Founding. Or his profound writing on anything as I’ve haven’t read his last book.

  10. Holy Mackerel, MM! Calm down. All I’m saying is that there is a lot more there, in Ben Carson, than most (including you, I think) are seeing. Yes, I think he would make a very good president — if conservatives are truly serious about returning to a Constitutional Republic. But today we are woefully lacking both the general intellect and morality to appreciate someone like Carson. A lot of people talk on and on about a Constitutional Republic, but they don’t get that it takes a Cruz or a Carson to do that. Now it seems we are content to follow the progtards’ example of ends-justifies-means strategies.

    Don’t interpret everything I write as a personal dig. It’s not!

    (And as far as asking for Carson’s latest book, I can’t help you there. That wasn’t my point.)

  11. Dr. Carson is a good and fair man. He better get a clue like Daniel (Daniel 6:22- KJV) did and know dealing with an arena/den of lions is never fair. Carson should never expect the leftist media to give him any opportunity to speak the truth about leftist policies that are destroying this country.

  12. Two minor nits here.
    First, it’s more like 20-30 million illegals here, not a measly 11 mill. That’s an old figure, from at least 10 years ago, and the Libtards keep perpetuating it to minimize the illegal problem.
    Two (a side note), when (if) the illegals are ever deported for good, and not just a rotating door, the economy will slowly correct itself. Less entitlements being handed out to non-citizens, and more jobs available to citizens – that is, if those citizens are willing to work (and many are).

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