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Ben Carson’s response to Oregon shooting

ABW: While Democrats predictably shed crocodile tears and called for increased gun control, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded in a unique and unexpected way.

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Rather than politicizing the tragedy to divide us over issues — as our current president did — Carson called for Americans to unite in support of the victims. As you know by now, eyewitnesses and victims report the shooter was intentionally targeting Christians; now, Ben Carson is asking supporters to change their Facebook profile picture in solidarity with the victims and their families.  more here

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16 Comments on Ben Carson’s response to Oregon shooting

  1. Well I gotta say I am definitely liking Carson more each day-the guy looks to have a pair. I don’t believe he will replace my #1 choice, Trump or even Cruz but I guess some one that would talk shit right to Obama’s face deserves a good hard look.

  2. Dr. Carson, I, too, am a Christian …

    But I don’t do any of that #bullshit social media.

  3. That puts Moose’s social media efforts to shame and President selfie can’t be bothered to focus on anything but himself is an embarrassment all on his own.

  4. That’s easy to say when someone isn’t going to cap your ass if you say you are.

  5. Winning!! Great news on all fronts today! Sharyl A’s new Sunday alternative — with a great name! Trump’s numbers are holding (and climbing depending on the poll), and Carson stands up for the faith! bush’s numbers are tanked!

    The insanity on the left is too obvious to ignore!

    Politics are fun again!

  6. Dr. Carson is a Christian, but, like ice cream, Christianity has many flavors. It concerns me that he has been quoted as saying the following:

    “I don’t know what role the Lord has for me in all this. I do know – and looking at prophecy – that the United States will play a big role, that there has to be a return first to a religious awakening, and, more than likely, any persecution, particularly of the Sabbath, will come from the right, not from the left.”

    Anybody here want to go to church on Saturday?


  7. Maybe. Maybe not. I am convinced that the difference between the two is whether you are in a religion or a relationship with the living God.

  8. Seventh Day teaches the sabbath is friday sundown to saturday sundown. I doubt Carson would force that on anyone. My biggest red flag here is the source. Mother Jones.

  9. While I appreciated Ben’s reaction, there was no way in Hades that I was going to join his website and provide my name and email address. Call me cynical.

  10. I thought maybe he was implying that his church would be under attack? It wasnt clear to me. They do have a completely different view of endtimes than most denominations.

    And then i read the comments. jeez. yuk. bunch of Godless whining atheists. Got their titties in a bunch because someone has faith.

  11. Yep. I heard that too. He ‘sounds’ good, BUT what is his true stand on gun control??
    Anything but ‘sold on’ anti, is no good!
    My two cents.

  12. While lefty right politics are ever before us, just want to say that ultimately it really is the Word of God that has the final say, and am so thankful.

  13. So…how does a spiritually minded people coexist with animals?

  14. “This is something we should politicize,” President Obama said.

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