Ben Folds scribbles a love song to Rod Rosenstein

Ben Folds was commissioned by The Washington Post to pen a song of resistance. You may remember Ben Folds, his big hit was about what a drag it was to drive his girlfriend to an abortion clinic.

This time, Folds sought to emphasize the quiet suffering of a Washington functionary in the face of all the “bullying” he’s been subjected to by Jim Jordan and the president, who gave him the memorable nickname, “Mister Peepers.”

Ben Folds discusses his masterpiece Here



6 Comments on Ben Folds scribbles a love song to Rod Rosenstein

  1. Apparently the Washington Post isn’t satisfied with its written propaganda operation and they are branching out to music. No legitimate news outlet would do this.

  2. From Thirdtwin’s link:

    “Alex Crissman
    2 years ago
    Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton had the band killed and dumped in a public park after finishing this video. ”

    LMAO! The comments are hillaryous.


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