Ben Howe, Never-Trumper, Rekt by Dennis Prager

Howe separates morality from politics. The question is why?

8 Comments on Ben Howe, Never-Trumper, Rekt by Dennis Prager

  1. Aaaaah yes. Ben ‘the Christian Ben Shapiro’ Howe.
    Back in the day, before 0bama got elected, he was a smug, holier than thou asshole. About EVERYTHING.
    I see he hasn’t changed. Maybe got fatter, but other than that. Same guy.

  2. What a prig. You may vote for Trump as a grim necessity, but you may not, under any circumstances, like him or enjoy his Presidency. This sounds like the Victorian era, where a woman was supposed to have sex with her husband as a wifely duty, not for pleasure.

    You’re a sour, pinch-faced scold, Ben, and your sad little book will persuade nobody to come over to your side.

  3. I listened to the whole interview that Dennis Prager had with Ben Howe yesterday. Dennis Prager owned the interview by being very polite to Mr. Howe and trying to understand why he couldn’t square his evangelical beliefs with that of President Trump. Mr. Howe assumes wrong that Donald Trump is an enemy of of the evangelicals because he thinks that President Trumps past actions don’t agree with Mr. Howe’s Christian worldview. I would still prefer President Trump over hellary forever but Mr. Howe is not willing to accept that as it conflicts with his evangelical worldview. I don’t understand so called evangelicals who thinks that a President has to be totally consistent in order to not conflict with his narrow beliefs that he has to do everything they want him to do. What is most ironic is that Howe agreed with DP and President Trump has done great things for the country while at the same time condemning the President for not doing enough.

  4. He can’t have it both ways because if hellary had won the country would’ve on it’s merry way to total destruction by hellary and her minions who would brook no opposition from evangelicals opposed to her evil plans to destroy all that is good, but some way or another he would find a way to say that that it was God’s will to destroy us and that he was using her as his agent of destruction. I don’t trust holier than thou, theologically smarter than us than us namby pamby Christian know it all’s who think they know God’s will.


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