Ben Shapiro Is A Pesky Little Gnat

Ben has been picking on everything Trump during his historic peace summit with North Korea. Absolutely nothing of consequence, but it seems he just can’t give it up.

Most of the time I like and agree with what he has to say and love his debating style. But the buzz, buzz, buzzing around my face was getting irritating. Then he landed in my eye (don’t you hate it when gnats do that?), and I had enough.

I saw a tweet that I just had to respond to:

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  1. HAHAHAHHAAH~ Excellent, Claudia.
    What an obnoxious child he is. Definitely TDS. He could just let insignificant shit go, but he can’t. He’s too anal.

  2. You’d think a smart guy like Ben would have learned after a couple of years and covfefe. But no, he and the rest continue to f–k the grammar chicken.

  3. Kudos to Claudia.

    I just ignore gnats.
    With a life cycle of 50 days, Before long they aren’t even there anymore.

    Shapiro’s opinions are more annoying than gnats, but their life cycle are mere seconds.

  4. I could just see him flopping around on his bed crying right now because Trump is doing something everyone is excited and hopeful about and even worse, he’s doing something right!

    Oh, my word! Clutch the binky!

  5. That prick is too fast for me: I’m a slow thinker, a slow writer, a slow hearer, a slow talker, and now a slow walker. So phuck off Ben, I don’t understand you, but I could never imagine having a beer with you or Debbie Wassername Schultz.

    I just love Victor Davis Hanson. Cool, mild, understandable, and brilliant.

  6. Ben is a life long liberal Republican (Ben grew up near me, graduated SaMo high. Ive followed him over 20 years.) I give him credit – he has been steadfast in his progressive/ Bull Moose Republicanism. With the giant exception – he lies when he says he is conservative. Only were he to say Barry + Ronnie were liberals ;can he honestly say that he – Ben – is conservative!

    Ben missed the boat on trump -period. Starting with “He will get crushed.’

    A verbatim quote from Ben 3/4/16 “ I think Trump will get blown out in a general election.” DAILY WIRE – which is either a blog or a liberal Republican “news” outlet.. Don won 38 states. BTW Ben, like the Bush Clan, tells some outright lies about Ronnie in this article/post. Ben , like the Bush Clan, is a life long Republican. But a liberal, Ronnie hater, as are they.

  7. Claudia, virtual high five.
    Little Ben is one of the few people that are smart enough to know what they don’t know. Unless they don’t know it. Ya know?
    I wonder if he thinks he’s smarter than Trump? I wonder if he understands the difference between the applied and the theoretical? He should venture out on his own. Maybe become a developer. I wouldn’t expect him back on FOX for a while.

  8. Personally, I don’t see any need for a comma after the word “so” in that sentence. However,
    if one wants to be nit-picky, it’s not really a sentence, either. “So that’s an inconvenient typo” is actually a sentence fragment.

    That being said, misspellings, misplaced or missing commas, sentence fragments, etc. usually are (and should be) overlooked when people are doing tweets and other comments on the Internet. We’re not writing an English term paper here, folks.


  9. I no longer get worked up over Shapiro. He just ups the ante on ridiculousness and trolls the heck out on every available platform. This is a business model. Nothing more, nothing less. The more insane the critique=higher clicks. He’s no different than CNN/MSMBC…. they’ll all be in the shitter if Trump isn’t on the menu in 2020.

  10. VietVet, an introductory word or phrase at the beginning of a sentence requires a comma. It’s a very common error. It is considered a punctuation error in all the state standardized students tests. Most states start requiring this comma at the 4th grade level.

    I agree that tweeting is not a place to expect proper grammar! That is why he is a nit. Or a gnat. And most informal writing doesn’t raise my ire. It’s when professionals are sloppy (newspapers, periodicals, books and even blog articles) and should write properly that my grammar Nazi comes out!

  11. @Bad_Brad: You forgot to put a comma between your “neeners”.

    So – Nanny, nanny, boo boo, wash your face in poo poo…


  12. Vietvet, that is one of my current pet peeves…

    “Mr. Jones, how did you find out that the cat was on your hot tin roof?”

    “So, I went outside and looked up.”

    “Did you try to get the cat down?”

    “So, I looked for my ladder, but I couldn’t find it.”

    I will be glad when this language tic passes.

  13. @ Moe Tom – you could not have said that better.

    Long live Victor David Hanson and Thomas Sowell ta boot.


  14. Grammar is the leading cause of internet fights and virtual slayings.
    Enforcing grammatical errors has lead to a disproportionate percentage of the population being sent to the proverbial “big house” for an undue time out.
    We need to stop enforcing grammar laws immediately so that the least among us are not unfortunately ensnared in a mess of their own making.
    Please, for the love of all that is good and kind and gentle; stop the madness, stop the cruelty, and stop the petty bickering over commas, semi-colons, unfair use of apostrophes, and word structurization.
    I implore all of mankind (and womankind as well) – let my misuse of prepositions go!


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