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Ben Shapiro is Brilliant – But Maybe At Math, Or Quantum Physics, Not Politics

Sorry to have to reprint this, but it’s a reminder that you shouldn’t be so smug and opinionated just because you have a high IQ.

No, Trump Isn’t Going to Save The Supreme Court – Ben Shapiro

In the absence of a serious foreign policy and an economic plan not involving massive tariffs – and in the absence of a rational and decent candidate – pro-Trump advocates have fallen back on one argument and one argument only: he’ll be better for the Supreme Court.

Leading the charge on this score has been syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, who penned a column in late July titled, “It’s the Supreme Court, stupid.” He sums up the argument well:

If Hillary Clinton wins, the Left gavels in a solid, lasting, almost certainly permanent majority on the Supreme Court. Every political issue has a theoretical path to SCOTUS, and only self-imposed judicial restraint has checked the Court’s appetite and reach for two centuries. That restraint will be gone when HRC’s first appointee is sworn in. Finished.

Every word of this is true. Hillary’s justices will cripple Constitutional interpretation on religious freedom, gun rights, and freedom of speech, among other crucial issues.

There is only one problem: there is no shot – zero shot – that Trump will appoint a conservative. That’s for three reasons.

1. Trump Doesn’t Care About The Issue. Trump keeps citing the Supreme Court as reason enough for conservatives to vote for him. A typical Trumpian line: “If you really like Donald Trump, that’s great, but if you don’t, you have to vote for me anyway. You know why? Supreme Court judges, Supreme Court judges.” Except that Trump doesn’t care about the issue in the slightest. First, he doesn’t know what Supreme Court justices do – he said in open debate that he’d appoint people who will prosecute Hillary Clinton. Second, he says he doesn’t care if Republicans hold the Senate: “Well, I’d like them to do that. But I don’t mind being a free agent, either.” Republicans holding the Senate would be the prerequisite for any conservative nomination possibility. Finally, Trump handed over his list of 11 potential justices – a list he clearly hadn’t read. He then backtracked and said he’d nominate someone “like” someone on the list, which totally undercuts the point of the list, since he has no clue what originalism or textualism are.

2. Republicans Aren’t Going To Use The Nuclear Option. Republicans will not have a filibuster-proof majority. That means that Democrats will filibuster any serious conservative Trump nominates. This means that we’re now relying on the courage and intestinal fortitude of Mitch 


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  1. Since he huffed off from Breitbart like a prima donna with Michelle Fields (who said Corey Lewandowski manhandled her) I can’t stand him. It all turned out to be a lie and was caught on video. He’s an idiot.

  2. High IQ? So what? There’s only one thing that you can say with any confidence about those with a high IQ: They’re good at taking IQ tests.

    Some of those who do well on tests have other traits that lead them perform well in the real world. But those traits are involved in the application of ability and motivation to achieve and have nothing to do with raw IQ.

    So, Ben, GFY.

  3. Speaking of crow with or without ketchup. . .

    Fur, have you ever eaten an Italian sausage sandwich from Jimmy Buff’s? I’m SO hungry!


    Shapiro is a card-carrying member of the elite so-called conservative think tank brigade. It’s the same rubber chicken circuit those 22 NR folks pledge allegiance to.

  4. He reminds me of another little smartmouth prick who was getting on my nerves in 2016. My buddy told him that if he kept it up that he wasn’t going to save him when I put out my cigar in the middle of his forehead. That shut his mouth for him.

  5. Can he build a 25’x14′ screened in deck with canvas canopy in 90+ degree heat & humidity?

    No? Well, that’s my summer in a nutshell so far.

  6. Shapiro’s a republican?
    Like the ones that voted along with the demons to infringe on 2nd amendment rights?
    That kind?

  7. Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire is reported on (conserv) waynedupreedotcom that Shapiro is found to be phony and is actually anti-Trump and a behind-the-curtain liberal fan.

  8. Shapiro always has been and always will be a holier-than-thou enemy of the Republic. As a Zionist it is his duty to destroy America from within. He is the mouth piece of Satan. Prove me wrong.

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