Ben Shapiro Pays Homage to President Trump For His SCOTUS Picks

Shapiro, the rabid anti-Trumper in 2018, pointed out that if not for Trump, SCOTUS would look much different, much more leftwing.

I’d like to point out that we dodged that leftist-political-fiat-nightmare bullet DESPITE the know-it-all Shapiro.

9 Comments on Ben Shapiro Pays Homage to President Trump For His SCOTUS Picks

  1. Shapiro…pffft. Establishment tool.
    At least Beck admitted his poor judgement about Trump. Did a good interview too.

  2. Trump did good with the SCOTUS, but look what he and the candidates had to go through to get them appointed. I can’t think of times past where a supreme court justice nominee went through so much scandalized hearings than what Trump and the public experienced. The conservative judges did the right thing….almost. The no jab mandates should have been for every sector of the workforce.

  3. I get Ben’s point, considering the alternative of 3 Dem SCOTUS picks, but I’m not as enamored with Trump’s picks as he is. We have one great pick (Gorsuch), one good pick (Barrett, in the long haul I think she will get it right more often than not), and one regrettable pick (Kavanaugh- he is squishy, weak-kneed, and keeps trying to appease his detractors instead of following the law).

    It was Tucker who called him a cringing little liberal after Kavanaugh rolled over and sided with the libs on the Federal vaccine mandate. He will continually disappoint us.

  4. I remember when Shapiro was trashing Trump. TRASHING him, for no reason.

    Shapiro is on the ‘watch’ list, same as Ted Cruz.

  5. Ben is a little man who hates President Trump and always will because he can never be President Trump, or Donald Trump the Citizen.
    This is the never Trumpers in a nutshell.
    We are Americans who love our country
    and all that it stands for and we will never forget it and will defend it to the death
    The commies bastards will not win.
    Don’t give up ever.

  6. The arrogance of many intellectuals has no distinction on the political spectrum; they share the common flaw of believing their superior brains always come up with the right answers.
    The list of people who shocked me by their insular and arrogant views toward POTUS Trump is long and disappointing. I can’t even bring myself to utter some of their names (Shapiro isn’t one of them) for how thoroughly grieved I am by their total lack of imagination and insight into the hearts and minds of the average tea party patriots and their motivation for why they adopted Trump as their leader. I’ll never be able to not question these peoples’ wisdom.


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