Benjamin Crump Announces Three Funerals and a Viewing For George Floyd – Three States in Five Days

Additionally, Benjamin Crump stated presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend the funeral services in Houston Texas on June 9th.

CTH: Benjamin Crump did not specify if the body of George Floyd will be carried across the nation to accompany multiple funerals; however, in a Facebook interview today the attorney for the Floyd family announced he and the team have organized three funerals and a viewing over five days in three states. more here

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  1. Swami smells an opportunist taking full advantage of the death of a person he never heard of.

  2. Hurry hurry hurry! Step right up to view the most astounding attraction on the midway!

    (popcorn… get yer pocorn….peeeanutz!)

    That’s right my boy, step right up. Be the first to see this shocking marvel of American culture!

    (popcorn! hot feeresh popcorn! Cotton candy!)

    Only 5 dollars or two tickets! Please, no children or pregnant ladies! You’ll be amazed folks, right before your very eyes! Here in your home town!

    (lemonade. ice cold lemonade)

    Don’t be shy, this travelling roadshow is here for one night only!

  3. 1: “I saw Floyd on tour in the summer of 2020”.

    2: “Pink Floyd”?

    1: “Naw, George Floyd”.

  4. For the love of Pete. Are they also going to pickle him and keep him under class like Lenin? Anyone want to be there will be souvenirs sold?

  5. CRAP! Thanks for the heads up cynic. I forgot the t-shirt concession. And that’s the sweetest plum of them all.


    60 bucks sounds like the right amount. Unless you guys think I should charge more….

  6. The media will be stuck on that hearse like fried eggs on a cheap skillet.
    Then they’ll set up a tombstone-cam so they can show it before commercial breeks.

  7. A collection will be taken up.

    T-shirts saying “Gone To Soon” will be available for purchase.

  8. somebody please tell me this is a joke … right?

    … from the Bee … maybe?

    ……….. please?

    Abe Lincoln’s funeral train didn’t get this much coverage, FFS!

  9. This is the same lawyer who is getting sued by Zimmerman for putting the fake girlfriend of Trayvon on the stand. Race huskers seem to swoop in right away when they sense $$$ and MSM time (prepare to see Crump on CNN and MSMBC with Joy Reid for the next month).

  10. The sad reality is that George Floyd will get more on-air time for his funeral than those of Jimmy Carter and George Bush combined (and we might even have to throw in Bill Clinton’s too).

  11. How soon will they erect a monument in his honor? Conservative cowgirl, they will serve watermelon and fried chicken and Colt 45 malt liquor at the reception after the funeral. And then more riots will break out in a never ending manner. Let’s hope these dopes don’t drop the casket on the way to the cemetery. They’d blame that on President Trump too.

  12. @the dirtball: “… all those white liberals crawling on their knees.”

    Isn’t that how this guy was killed- by someone kneeling on him?
    Marketing. Again.
    Yeah- go ahead, ‘take a knee.’ Show us how they did it.
    Hey- CO2 is bad, bad, bad. And then they put it in coke a cola and tell everyone they’re going to teach the world to sing.
    I’m impressed how they juggle these things.

  13. Oh, oh, Toxicology report reveals this latest black victim of oppression in America now morphing into Saint Floyd, shows fentanyl in his system and traces of meth in his system. But, but Georgie was putting his life together and planning on going to college before he was offed by the cops.

    Only knee I want to see taken is one to the crotch of these scumbag media commies. The local news pieces of shit are just as bad as the national media covering these uprisings. Includes Fox.

  14. Wow. Where can I get a pamphlet and complementary t shirt mr crump?

    (God above, with the last name Crump its no wonder he’s a lying cheating whoring scoundrel… he’s the caricature of one to a T.)

  15. Had my dad’s funeral four days ago. Limited to one day, no wake, 10 people allowed, due to the virus. So I guess that’s over now?

  16. Most (all?) states have a statute regarding Abuse of a Corpse (not “corps”):

    “Abuse of a corpse. (a) A person commits abuse of a corpse if, except as authorized by law, he or she knowingly: (1) Disinters, removes, dissects, or mutilates a corpse; or. (2) Physically mistreats a corpse in a manner offensive to a person of reasonable sensibilities.”

    Texas law, for example: “…making the offense of abuse of a corpse a state jail felony, punishable by six months to two years in a state jail facility and up to a $10,000 fine.”

    Not funny. They are obviously using this man’s dead body to fan the flames of national civil unrest and to boost Joe Biden’s political campaign. Sickening. The Democrats will stop at nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sick bastards.

  17. This parading a corpse around the country is as close of a public display of necrophilia as I’ve ever seen.

  18. Just three states? They should tour the whole country. They can charge admission and use the money to help pay the damages of the “protestors”.

  19. If Beto was still running he’d be standing on the casket admonishing us, and fund raising. But I guess slow Joe will have to do it now? Joe, try and remember to close the lid first.


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