Benny Hill On Socialism – IOTW Report

Benny Hill On Socialism

The clip holds an elite from the left up to his own standard and finds him wanting in just a little over 20 seconds. Watch

6 Comments on Benny Hill On Socialism

  1. The “demonrat” socialist tells the bum to “fuck off.”
    The National and Inter-National socialists would kill him.

    Of course, the “demonrat” socialist would come to that position later – after running out of patience.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I spent a year in England a long time ago, and I had been there something like three or four months when I heard that Benny had died. I thought he had already passed away, and it just killed me to think that I could have actually met him in person and instead, I missed my chance. Rest in peace, Mr. Hill…

  3. An english twit I once knew told me that Benny was england’s Red Skelton – not sure about that but Benny had his moments,

  4. My late brother had a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) he named Benny Hill. So yeah, he was a fan of B. Hill’s humor.

  5. Every socialist views the government as the vehicle their bountiful sense of charity.

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