Bergdahl weeps on witness stand for soldiers wounded when looking for him

American Thinker:

Convicted deserter Bowe Bergdahl offered a tearful apology to those service members who were wounded when they fruitlessly searched for him after he left his post.  more

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  1. when he’s found guilty let me have him. I will do things to him that would make a Comanche puke. As my son is presently serving at fort hood I have no leniency with people like this.

  2. My tears are for the real families who weep for their sons and daughters lost in a war for a country that even considers coddling a deserter and gives a sex change operation to another traitor who gave away classified info.

    Wake up America and smell the b.s. that both parties of congress are slingin’.

  3. What about the soldiers who DIED while looking for him? Did this traitor conveniently forget about them?
    A firing squad is too quick for him. I don’t give a shit if he is tortured and then hung. Make it a public hanging. Same thing for that traitor Hasan of Fort Hood.

  4. Loretta in Indiana ….exactly. As I recall at least 6 soldiers were killed while out looking for him. Was that not presented to the judge?

  5. I hope the prosecutor worked in the bit that this traitor made public comments that he was treated better by the Taliban.

    They need to work in “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” and hang him.

  6. I recall that when he was turned back over to US custody, he asked to be permitted to say goodbye to his captors. My guess is, he begged them not to turn him over; but, they wanted their guys out of Gitmo. I don’t believe it was ever about returning that traitor. The O administration wasn’t interested in this pathetic shitweazel, they were currying favor with the Muslim Brotherhood contingent.
    In this case, I do wish that public execution was an option.

  7. Give ma an M14, 1 round and I will do what needs to be done.
    If I inadvertently shoot him in the gut and he dies a slow, painful death; it was because I’m old and not the “dinger” I was 52 years ago.
    Trust me!

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