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Berkeley California banning candy bars from display at checkout aisles

This is what bothers then, as their state falls to shit?

zero hedge-

It doesn’t look like California is going to get the message that there’s such a thing as “too much government” anytime soon – so, if you were holding out hope, this might just be the time to give up. 

While the state continues to struggle giving its citizens basics, like masks to survive the ongoing pandemic and wildfires, legislators have turned their ire to the real important issue: Snickers bars.

Now, Berkeley, California is looking to implement a measure this week that would “prohibit grocery stores bigger than 2,500 square feet from displaying junk food and other unhealthy items in checkout aisles,” according to CBS

The ordinance would apply to 25 retailers in Berkeley including major names like CVS, Safeway and Whole Foods. Retailers will be allowed to sell chips and candy bars elsewhere in their stores. Oh thank you, sweet government Gods, for allowing us to continue to purchase potato chips. 


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  1. You Cali residents voted for this crap. Live with it. If you cannot live with it and decide to leave, go to another blue state and leave the rest of us alone.

  2. Good thing they’ve taken care of the big things.

    Like outlawing gasoline cars after 2035, mandating even more windmills and solar farms, keeping high levels of mulch in forests for those healthy ecosystems, eliminating bail for violent crimes, allowing open air pooping, free drugs, needles, alcohol and 4 star accommodations for the needy, diverting zillions of gallons of water away from where it’s needed and allowing it to flow into the ocean for a fish, high speed trains in the middle of no where, giving tickets for theft under $950 and releasing 1,000s of inmates because I guess masks don’t work in prisons.


    Fucking beam me up Scotty

  3. So are they going to ban sales of tabloids like the National Perspirer or Irrational Enquirer anytime soon. Like the old Almond Joy and Mounds commercial used to say, Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t. The dunderheads in California have taken it one step further by being nuts all the time. And will it stop meth heads and other ne’er do wells from using their EBT cards to buy a candy bar or two and pocket the rest of the cash. I saw this once at an Albertsons, I couldn’t believe it.

  4. The last president of the company I work for did the same kind of bullshit. He was/is one of these 0% body fat joggers wearing short shorts that are a little too much if you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

    First, he banned real butter from our cafeteria. You could only get “healthy choice” options. They banned selling popular lunch items like pizza or anything fried. Then, he removed all soft drink and vending machines from the building. You would receive annual surveys about your “wellness” asking about what you eat, how often you exercise, how much you drink and what not. Then, he realigned this manned concession stand that sold everything from clothes, general medicines, snacks, what have you and mandated that 50% of the store only sell healthy options. Clif bars, nutragrains, bags of raisins and nuts, $6 wheat grass drinks and shit.

    When it came to promotions, you needed to go out jogging with him on his twice a day runs.

    Turns out that his downfall was giving preferable treatment to our college hires, who usually were trim and fit “student athlete” boys and girls, that he would invite over to his mansion for pool parties.

    Shout out to all my Nashville peeps if you can guess which pillar of the United Way – Conexion Americas community this leftwing tyrant is.

  5. @Cliche – yet another reason not to support the United Way. Yes, they do have a few charities that are worth it, but the general idea is to support the whackos. If you know of a good charity, donate directly, don’t let somebody you don’t know, decide to give your money to that LGBTQXYZ, BLM, liberal cause. If you support those causes, give them directly.
    Yes, I have gone up against executives in companies I have worked for. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. In the end, I gave less to this organization than the companies I worked for mandated, and I am good with that. Not really happy that any of my money went to UW, but better than it could have been.

  6. Believe it or not, there are good reasons to place single candy bars, bags of chips, etc at the checkout stands. One – children will take a single candy bar and eat it before anyone knows if they are in the “regular” aisle for bagged candy. Two, it’s a big seller for all shoppers because almost everyone likes candy, but most don’t need or want a big bag of candy.
    Three, because it sells and that is the best reason.

  7. I don’t have enough middle fingers for the individuals who proposed this ordinance and the do-gooder nannies who passed it.

    I, too, was pressured at a large company to “join the crowd” and contribute to the United Way and told them absolutely not. My charitable giving was my business, not theirs. My manager backed me.

  8. …if private property means anything, what I put where inside my private property is no one’s business but mine.

    So I guess that tells you what the state of “private property” currently is in CA, then…

  9. Meanwhile, in front of the stores, in the parking lots, you can still by fresh Mexican smack free of any interference by The Man.

  10. The United Way BS is just the camel dick in the tent. If you don’t donate something, kiss your career goodbye. We have already gone so far over the LGBTBBQWTF rainbow. Black fist raised so high for BLM. There is no turning back at this point.

    I sat through a meeting Friday morning with a Vice President of our company was prostrating himself in front of an airing of grievances teleconference with the up-and-coming black managers several rungs below him about his white privilege. The black managers recounting with horror that when their teenagers are out late at night that they be sure to text them to make sure the police haven’t hunted them down and killed them. With tears welling up in their eyes.

    400 years of oppression. Blah, blah, blah. The goal of a colorblind society is itself a manifestation of racism. The “murders” of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, etc., etc., etc., etc. That we’ll do better by using HR data to create specific, measurable goals to make sure departments “mirror the local populations”. They are tapdancing all around the word “quota” but they’re talking about quotas. That all white people need to be “allies” and by that they mean that you sacrifice your career so that you can promote minorities at every opportunity. If you are not an “ally”, then you are an enemy.

    Or, as a black guy I’ve worked with for half a decade stated without a hint of reservation “when it comes to being an ally, you are guilty until proven innocent”.

    There is not an ounce of exaggeration in any of that. It’s completely accepted and I’m so glad you could share with the group.

    Needless to say, I’m saving screenshots and recordings of the meetings for the forthcoming Title VII Civil Rights class action lawsuit.

  11. geoff,

    “So are they going to ban sales of tabloids like the National Perspirer or Irrational Enquirer anytime soon.”

    I don’t read these rags, but from what I see/hear/read from the lamestream media, the Inquirer is probably MORE truthful than any other!

  12. And we all thought that banning straws was nuts. No,it’s not nuts, it’s fascism. And so is regulating what a grocery store can and can’t do within its own four walls.

    Where it comes to regulatory fascism, CA has the EU beat all to hell. The EU even says so.

  13. TRF
    SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 AT 11:24 AM
    “Kalifornia Karens on a sugar high…”

    …THAT’S IT!! They don’t want to BAN it, they just want to make it HARDER for everyone to buy, because the less KIDS get it, the more likely the Milky Way will be there, safely hidden BY the Douches, NEXT to the douches, for THEM…

  14. It’s not just ‘impulse buys’. Some of the small stuff is better kept in the checkout lanes and not on a giant shelf. And isn’t buying one fucking overpriced candy bar or tiny ass bag of chips better than buying the whole fucking bag on the big shelves? I use the checkout lane to buy ONE piece of candy if I have low blood sugar. And so do hypoglycemics. But they never think of shit like that, do they?


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