Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport, A Case Study In Fail

Planning began for a new airport for Germany’s capital city soon after unification in 1989. Construction began in 2006 followed by 11 delays over 13 years, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is suppose to be ready to operate October 2020. Running nearly 5 billion euros over budget, it has been the infrastructure project from hell and a blow to Germany’s reputation for building engineering masterpieces.

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BBC Report on why BER went so wrong for so long Here

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  1. I was in Berlin and it is obvious by looking at the people that something is terribly wrong. They are afraid and think they should be guilty over the events of WWII, despite the fact that they had nothing to do with the evil of the Hitler generation. In short, they look beaten which is not good as they may wake up and desire to fight back.

    One thing that may be contributing to problems can be summed up in a family crisis that I observed. Every where you looked there were trash can grouped in sets of 3 for the fake recycling. A little girl became sick at her stomach and turned to her mother for help. The mother hurried her to the trash cans and had to pause and debate as to which can the vomit would go in.

  2. I was still in the Air Force when Germany was uniting…and I thought

    No good will come of this….On the bright side, I was wrong about

    re-arming Japan…So far 😉

  3. Germans turned their backs on God. God punished Germany by poisoning the country with Islam. Liberalism and socialism both had devastating effects as well. Germany can be fixed by apologizing and turning back to God, deporting Muslims, voting out liberals. AMERICA, are you listening?


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