Bernie Does The Deepfake

Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Nevada caucus was so overwhelming yesterday, that the 78-year-old heart attack survivor took to a Las Vegas stage to dance before his adoring supporters last night. Watch 

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  1. 78 years old. Ten plus years where anyone who has labored has retired the field and embraced loving on grandchildren, pursued those activities that retirement makes possible.

    But no, be the president of the most powerful country in the world when the actuarials have you marked down as dead.

    Jesus Bernie, go find a bench and whittle on sticks you old fuck.

  2. My election prediction. Remember, you heard it here first. The DNC is going to steal the nomination away from Bernie (again). There will be violence. Bernie will run on an independent ticket splitting the Libtard vote down the middle. Ensuring a huge win for DJT.

  3. Brad, hope you are correct, but I predict the burn will win the nomination, and pick Corey Booker as vp to secure the African American vote.

  4. Shake shake shake
    Shake dat bony finga Bernie
    Shake shake shake
    Shake dat bony finga Bernie
    Ooh yeah wave that bone
    Up in the air
    Shake dat bony finga
    No one really care
    You gotta
    Shake shake shake dat bony finga ol man

  5. I just can’t find anything funny about this lunatic – not given the fact how many people so blindly and violently support his crazy, fascist ideas.

    We MUST take our schools back.


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