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Bernie : ‘Don’t Shut Down The Government’

Daily Caller;  

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Senate colleagues to avoid shutting down the government, warning that doing so is irresponsible and puts American interests at risk.

“I come before my colleagues here in the Senate to urge, in the strongest possible terms, that the Republican leadership here accept its responsibility and not allow the government of the United States to shut down,” Sanders, an Independent, said on the Senate floor Friday afternoon. “Please do not shut the government down. A government shut down will be extremely distressing and difficult for millions of people in every state in our country who utilize government services.”

“The American people do not want a government shut down, I do not want a government shut down and I believe that most of my Republican colleagues do not want a government shutdown,” Sanders said. more

20 Comments on Bernie : ‘Don’t Shut Down The Government’

  1. Bernie is afraid there’ll be a pause on the milking of the government sugar tit. In other words a disruption of his means of buying his support.

  2. Its just not the same without the spit and finger wagging. Need video so we can get full appreciation of his worldly views.

  3. He’s his own bad deaf translator…

  4. …Government shuts down
    …non-essential employees are furloughed (those are the folks we don’t need EVER!)
    …military will still get paid (but maybe not on time)
    …the ass bag cocksucking senators and representatives continue to receive their paychecks.
    It’s all bullshit I tell you!
    Whew, had to get that out.

  5. For his words “Republican leadership here,” substitute the words “my fellow Democrats.”

    Then, he’d have a start at being honest.

  6. If anyone violates a feddle law while the govt is shut down,
    does that mean they can’t arrest him? Asking for a friend.

  7. When I get back from my paid vacation, Mr. Al, I will have my people review your paperwork.

  8. So is Bernie going to vote yes or just complain?


    Will close down the OPEN-AIR World War II memorial, that has no doors, no fences, no ticket agent, and no security. It’s just a polished stone walk-through. If you’ve ever been there, you will see how ridiculous it would be to rope it off. Same with Lincoln Memorial, you pay nothing and just walk through the dang thing.

  10. Big government is the life blood of socialism.
    The government establishment decides what is fair, for whom, what laws will be passed, what laws will be enforced and who will be prosecuted regardless of what the majority of the voting public supports.
    Naturally, Bernie doesn’t want the establishment to miss a beat.

  11. Shut it down. Open it when the Obama shithole library is stripped of all funds.

  12. Shut it down for 6 months all the welfare turds will move to Canada

  13. unfortunately, the welfare checks keep getting churned out

    … go figure

  14. The only thing that should get shut down is the Federal Payroll.
    Government employees, especially CONGRESS, should get 0 pay for the time they are “Shut Down”. Make this scam bullshit meme hurt and it will go away.

  15. I think that ANY government shut down should ONLY affect the members of congress! It would help if lobbying was outlawed and those elected assholes had to actually work for a living.

  16. I know there’s not many Q Anon fans here. Q posted this on 8 chan about an hour ago.

    “CS will live in fear from today forward.
    Thank you for visiting the WH.”

  17. Uh, Bernie? Psssst, psssst. Meds! Meds Bernie. Meds? Uh, where was I? Oh, yeah. Bernie, unfettered access to our welfare dollars, and opening the flood gates to illegals, who are committed to destroying us, puts American interests at risk also.

  18. Bernie knows McConnel and GOP colleagues aren’t the ones to send his message to. It’s Schumer, Pelosi, their Demonrat collegues that are driving toward the shut down.

  19. We need to install Bernie in a life sized whack’a’mole game. And then go to town on him….

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