Bernie explains how single-payer gets cheaper the more expensive it gets, or something

Michelle Malkin:

**Written by Doug Powers

Bernie Sanders addressed skepticism of single-payer health care system yesterday by explaining that, sure, it’s far too expensive for any one state, but would become totally affordable if rolled out on a broader scale. Why? Because he said so — plus Canada, or something:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) on Sunday was pressed to explain why a single-payer health care system was rejected in Vermont and California, two staunchly Democratic states.

CNN host Jake Tapper said that California and Vermont are “cobalt blue states” and asked how single-payer could be affordable at the national level if they rejected the system at the state level because of the expense.

Sanders pushed back against Tapper, citing “studies that [he] has seen,” and said that single-payer would save the average family “significant sums of money.”  MORE

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  1. Bernie, the basement lounging dolt, emerges from his dank environment after spending most of his life there, just like Marx.
    How are you enjoying your 3 homes.
    If Bernie’s newly found wealth is any indication of how he would rape our country should he ever be elected to run it, well, let’s just say it would be rape on a scale never seen before.

  2. I’m with Chance. Triscare when I was active, VA now that I’m a disabled Vet. Difference is, I retired in Guam. Guam has not Triscare Prime. So, I’m given Standard with limited services for life here. Sort of like a VA medicaid.

  3. “…save the average family “significant sums of money” “.
    Suuurrrrrre. Because they’d all be dying or dead because the “death panels” would deny all medical claims. So the mythical family gets to be both sick AND keep their money. Ain’t single payer socialism grand?

  4. Can we apply the same socialised accounting method for durable goods, like toilet tissue and food?
    Venezuelans were asked this q during exit polling at the recent illegal elections. 99.9% had no comment.

  5. I’ve been going to the VA for 17 years because of mouth trauma I received while on active duty.

    I’m moving to Florida and physically went to the VA to have my records transferred. The clueless bint behind the desk told me she could do it but instead told me to call some 800 number, a number she didn’t even know, because it would be “easier.”


    She then proceeded to print out 40 pages from my file to investigate whether I even qualify for services.

    I have a VA card. I’ve been receiving care there twice a year for the last 17 years. I’m now being investigated. All I wanted was a simple transfer.

    Welcome to government run healthcare.

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