Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley heckled by BlackLivesMatter Mob – IOTW Report

Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley heckled by BlackLivesMatter Mob


You built this…
All hell broke loose at the progressive Netroots Nation conference this weekend. Activists for #BlackLivesMatter basically staged a mutiny and took over the stage.

Democratic Party presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley got heckled as they were trying to speak.

O’Malley was eventually booed off stage after saying “all lives matter.”
Because, according to the mob, all lives do not matter!

The activists told the leftist crowd:

“It’s not like we want to shut the sh*t down. But we have to.”

They booed the former governor throughout his speech!


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  1. “All lives matter” and the crows boos and shouts.

    There is something very wrong with the people who don’t support “all lives matter”.

  2. Who is the Gimp at the far left,The She-Apes handler ???
    Dem Gurls been hangin’ round Da Burger King too much.
    They did’t talk 1 second about the B-on-B killin’s in Chicago & Detroit.
    What makes them folks so animated when they speak ?

  3. Can’t imagine a worse scenario for the Left than their constituencies finally realizing they can “have it all” if they don’t care who gets hurt. We started to see it with the Occupy movement and now the anarchy they found allows them to be little more than competing warlords. From our perspective they don’t need to be stopped. They need to be encouraged. After all, it’s only the Left that will get hurt bad since there is no defense that won’t work against themselves. Imagine them strong arming these people off the stage. I seriously never saw this one coming.

  4. I watched the Bernie Sanders response also. When asked specifically what he would do for the black lives and what he has done, all of his answers are negative.. Raise minimum wage, give free health care, redistribute wealth from the 1%, and create low education construction jobs fixing our crumbling infrastructure. This is pure racism at it’s finest. Bernie tells all the black lives they get free shit because they can’t make it on their own. Pay attention.

  5. “blacklivesmatter” is a movement about white cops killing black people. That’s it. It means nothing else to them and to include other lives pisses them off.

  6. Check out that eye candy that pops up on the right side sometimes. Hefty white ones too. It’s just more to love, yeah, gotcha.

  7. Spot on!

    Let’s make our own: #HealAmerica

    Start with removing every person who hates America (citizen or not) and make them move to any other country of their choice. There must be many they can choose from: Cuba, Venezuela, Russia; anywhere that is not a Constitutional Republic.

  8. What is so pitiful is that with all the protesting over the Confederate flag and “black lives matter” … , none of these people realize that the Civil War was NOT fought over them. They don’t realize that they were not that important then and are not that important now. They just think they are…. It is up to THEM to become what they want to be….. respected. And they are doing a poor job of it!

  9. Yes sir – this the libiots DID build! I agree, pass the popcorn because now you will have all these agrieved groups clamoring for importance to the pandering pilitical class and it will result in friction between the groups.

  10. It’s more than cops killing blacks. That should be obvious.

    This is anti-white – period. There is nothing the whites can do to please them besides killing themselves off.

    You are witnessing what the race war looks like in the beginning stage.

    They will have no compromise. The “Black Lives Matter” faction will not entertain any kind of compromise – that is why “All Lives Matter” angers them so.

    The question I would ask any of them face-to-face would be some version of –

    What will your victory and the world look like when it is over?

    What are you shooting for as an end result.?

    How will you know when you have won?

    At some point they will have to admit they want all whites dead.

    There’s your race war.

  11. Yup. The fact their emancipation was only implemented as a weapon against states rights is lost on them.

  12. These type of people have no respect for order or civility. Voice volume tries to make up for effective brain power. Morons in Motion.

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