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Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Capitalist Event Costs up to $100 on Ticketmaster

Breitbart: Admission for socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) anti-capitalists event can cost up to $100 on the much-maligned Ticketmaster.

The event, titled “It’s Okay to be Angry About Capitalism,” seems anything but angry with capitalism, considering that it not only charges $95 plus fees for a front-row seat but also utilizes Ticketmaster, which the Justice Department has investigated for possible anti-trust violations. Per Ticketmaster:

Tickets priced at $95, $75, and $55 include a copy of “It’s Okay To Be Angry About Capitalism”. Tickets are non-transferable until 24 hours prior to the show time. Any tickets suspected of being purchased for the sole purpose of reselling can be cancelled at the discretion of The Anthem / Ticketmaster, and buyers may be denied future ticket purchases for I.M.P. shows. Opening acts, door times, and set times are always subject to change.

Tickets will be available to purchase by the general public February 3. more

11 Comments on Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Capitalist Event Costs up to $100 on Ticketmaster

  1. Bad headline. Ticketmaster? What is this Ticketmaster to which you refer? Ticketbastard must be the entity to which you allude.

  2. I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel to hear bernie speak about anything. For someone who supposedly hates capitalism he sure has a lot of suckers paying to read his anti-capitalist book and attend his bs speeches.

  3. I must assume that the irony, or hypocrisy, of having to pay to hear a screaming hypocrite lie about capitalism is lost on the morons and imbeciles buying tickets?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. You’d think that Burnt Out Bernie, such a staunch believer in, and advocate for Socialism (for everyone else), would be GIVING away the (not “his” – under Socialism, nothing belongs to “you”) books and seats to be able to have the joy and privilege to have the great unwashed masses hear him speak.
    (all of the above said with tongue firmly planted in both cheeks)

  5. Maybe stupid preteen girls used their parents CCs on Ticketbastard for spite for not getting Taylor Swift tickets?

  6. Flash thought:
    Burned Out Bernie sez “It’s OK to be Mad About Capitalism”.
    And for once, I agree. Why?
    What we have here in the US isn’t “capitalism”, it’s “cronyism”, where Big Business makes deals with, and asks for favors from Big Gov.
    In an ideal world, the only role of Big Gov should be to watch out for fraud, and hazardous and unsafe products and services.

    Buuuuut, we all know that’s not what he wants to bloviate about.

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