Bernie Sanders & AOC: The Young Turks of the DNC

Bernie Sanders announces his 2020 run for the presidency. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sets the Democratic party’s Progressive agenda. And the men of Right Angle rejoice that BS & AOC — the young Turks of the DNC — will carry the banner of socialism against Donald Trump (or whoever the GOP nominee may be.)

7 Comments on Bernie Sanders & AOC: The Young Turks of the DNC

  1. “Joe Biden, the intellectual heavyweight of the DNC presidential lineup.”

    Hahahahahhhahaha…. That is classic.

  2. AOC is getting to be like the Pope Francis of American politics. Everyday she says something stupid, just like the pope. Soon, just like the pope, she will have a cadre of spin doctors to issue “clarifications” to minimize the damage and embarrassment. She is the “rising star” of the left and must be protected at all costs!


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