Bernie Sanders Continues To Be an Economic Illiterate

Bernie Sanders: If we can pay baseball players hundreds of millions, teachers deserve a raise.

I fail to see the connection between the two. His point is ludicrous.

Baseball players are in the private sector, employed by entrepreneurs who get a return on the hundreds of millions they pay ballplayers. The ballplayers that make millions are the elite of the elite. They are athletes that others enjoy watching. Usually, they generate profit on their investment.

Most teachers are not extraordinary. In fact, many are dumb as sheetrock and keep their jobs because they are difficult to fire because of powerful unions that pay off politicians. Many teachers are boinking the students. Students are being warehoused, unable to pass tests that 60 years ago most students would ace.

Sanders, you seem to be a product of a crap teacher.

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  1. Bernie Sanders Continues To Be an Economic Illiterate

    It’s even more fundamental than that: he’s an economic imbecile.
    He’s incapable of grasping the concept of a labor market.

  2. Baseball is a meritocracy, the free market determines each player’s worth. Somebody please tell Bernie that if the public education system was run like baseball, most of these teachers would be fired and not making any money.

  3. Yeah Bernie. I remember as a lad on the safety patrol they rewarded us with a trip to Tiger stadium to watch teachers sharpen pencils and grade papers. What fun.

  4. True story: Would I Lie?
    Once upon a time there was this carpenter named Bernie. Bernie was not really a carpenter but he knew he could drive a nail. Bernie had not done much all his life but he once drove a nail and figured he could become a carpenter.
    My friend Charlie, a Marine, hired Bernie on my coaxing. His first day on the job they were nailing decks. Bernie, wanting to impress, layed out ten nails on the deck to show speed. However when he hit the first nail, he knocked the other nails to the ground.
    I’m not sure if it’s our Bernie, But Charlie fired the dumb dick.
    I have a lot of stories like that. About dumb fucking assholes,

  5. The teachers I know can’t hit a curve ball to save their lives.

  6. It’s really quite astounding how far economically-moronic people like Bernie can get selling their BS.

    But then again, the average IQ in the USA is 98 and headed south. And they’re voting. God help us.

  7. I keep hearing that teachers are underpaid. but if you look at what they are turning out I’d say they’re underproducing too.

  8. I dunno…Mr.Bonato could really swat, but it was against 5th grade fast pitch softball pitching….

  9. A worthless federal tit-sucking professional parasite who has never had a job or managed a payroll shouldn’t be telling others to steal from hard-working, tax-paying, accomplished citizens and young people shouldn’t be listening to disingenuous Communists trying to destroy a great nation!

  10. First of all, teachers don’t work a full year. When you consider that, they are making a lot of money.

  11. As far as the Baseball analogy goes…3 out of 10 Students don’t end up

    in Prison…Batting .300….

  12. @burner – “didn’t your wife make a lot of money running a college”

    [D]idn’t your wife make a lot of money RUINING a college, is more accurate.

  13. MLB players exist in the PRIVATE SECTOR. Socialism makes its appeal to the losers, the greedy, the envious, and the lazy who cannot provide for their own basic needs in the Private Sector. Bernie MUST attack the Private Sector.

    To make a legitimate comparison, what Bernie needs to say is “If we can pay United States Senators a base salary of $174.00, plus benefits, teachers deserve a raise.”


  14. Bernie Sanders: maybe the only person in history who was asked to leave a hippie commune because he stood around all day yakking instead of pitching in and doing something useful.

  15. idonno … Sanders may not know Econ 101 … but he owns at least 2 more houses than I do

    I think this phucktard understands economics quite well. Presidential candidates get to keep all excess PAC money (great scam, huh?). Bernie’s learned great lessons from the oligarchy of Communism. get in early, get in the nomenclature, get a few dachas, let the suckers workers toil for ‘the greater good’

    Comrade Bernie’s got his bank account locked down & is counting on the ignorant youth to keep his form of ‘socialism’ feeding it

  16. Televise the best teachers and let them compete in the market. Classroom attendants can watch the little darlings and check homework.

  17. Uncle Al: “He’s incapable of grasping the concept of a labor market.” That’s because he was never successful in the labor market and was kicked out of a Communist Kibbutz because he was too lazy I’ve heard!


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