Bernie Sanders’ Disturbing Sexual Views

A shifty grifter, lover of money (especially yours), a liar, a fake,
sexually frustrated and super creepy.

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  1. I’ve watched up to the start of the beginning of Bernie’s short story so far, and am wondering if the guy speaking about BS is on the level or is doing an The Onion about him. I totally believe the part of BS being a fake socialist, but how in the hell did people back in the day vote him into office with writing such as what the commentator is reading? Is this for real?

  2. Okay, now i want to retract part of my previous comment regarding if this is an The Onion type commentary. The sex story is integral to understanding that BS is a swinebag who is ripping off his stupid followers who are commie, socialist wannabes.

  3. IMHO it does not come as any real surprise that his views on sex are any more twisted than his views on politics!! He’s had a few screws loose for his entire life!

  4. A lefty protest rally was the best place to get hooked up when I was young man. The hard part was finding an attractive partner.

  5. I didn’t watch the video, but read an article last night where he said that cancer in women was caused basically by their mothers and lack of orgasms and that toddlers should run around naked touching each other’s genitals to insulate them from porn.

  6. Most of this has been known about BS for decades.

    NOBODY cares!

    Atheism, socialism, nihilism … all go hand-in-hand with hypocrisy, perversion, and falsity.
    “If God doesn’t exist, EVERYTHING is permitted.” (emphasis added)
    “… for socialism … is, above all …, a question of atheism.”
    There, simply, is NO moral code for these people. We see them as liars, miscreants, hypocrites, greedy, grifting wanna-be tyrants – but they see themselves as the supreme arbiters of mankind (self-appointed god, if you will).
    Thus, anything said and done in the pursuit of power is acceptable and proper – because the attainment of the powers of life and death over humanity is the only goal worthy of a self-appointed god.

    The socialist is attempting to supplant God with this cheap imitation. BS (and all those others) would make piss-poor Presidents and even sorrier gods. And it explains their affinity (or, at least, deference) for the totalitarian, Satan-worshipping izlam that infests the World.

    We suffered through 8 years of Hanuman – wasn’t that enough?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. You’re welcome, PJ.

    Old Racist White Woman- That’s exactly what the video was about, among other stuff. You’d think one of the broads in the race would bring this up!

  8. MJA, you’d think most people could just look at him and see he’s bat’s shit crazy, but others will watch or read this and still support him.


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