Bernie Sanders Is Running


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has made it official. He’s running for president in 2020 and seeking the Democratic party nomination.

Sanders made the official announcement to Vermont Public Radio early Tuesday morning and a video announcing his campaign was released shortly afterward. More


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  1. I’d say he’s in the race, but let’s face it the only place he’s dashing for is the bathroom at 2:00 am.

    The rest of the field however, are all going to strain themselves reaching for the left field bleachers.

  2. So … for the SECOND time a self-avowed SOCIALIST is running for the presidential nomination of the DEMONRAT party but the DEMONRATS continue to assert that they will uphold and defend our Constitution?
    And the media continue to promote this lie?
    And the American people continue to allow this lie?

    WTF? And we can’t understand how the world’s turning to shit and that (it seems) President Trump is all that stands between us and dissolution? We have finally found an honest man and we allow him (and us) to be abused, “investigated,” calumniated, insulted, and threatened?


    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This is the best news to come from that side all year! Berrnie on the REVENGE tour. The man who was ROBBED by the establishment (Hillary) the man who will take it to Trump (whatever). Reality- the only man who will have, from a democrat point of view, the “morale” high ground to take the wind out of the sails of ‘Spartacus'(who is black), the chick who copulated her way into a Senate seat (who is a skirt and is black), and Warren (aka 1/2020th, aka Lie-a-watha, aka Pocahontas, aka just a common everyday beer drinking batcrap crazy socialist).

    Or in short, as Billy said, just another rat hole for libtards to pour their money into. Trump will crush him like a very large thing crushing a very small thing. The only thing better would be for “Mr. Fast & Furious” to enter the ring. With Berrnie running the reporters will actually ask hard questions of Holder and he would be the first to have an epic crash landing.

    Hillary must be fuming which makes my day all the better.

  4. He’s not running. He’s a Socialist…or whatever the left calls themselves now, sans the jackboot.

    He’s riding his e-scooter to the finish line. Never do anything without assistance. That’s the way of the left.

  5. With “Butt – Hurt” Bernie now joining the Democratic “Clown Circus”, this group will be all PAC’d out & little donored out by May along with the party being totally bankrupt. Maybe Occasional Cortex can redistribute the 3 Billion “Pot At The End Of The Rainbow” she found when Amazon pulled out of NYC to keep them afloat for another month or two.

  6. YES. Split the vote, split the money, split the Democrats into small islands of identity politics.

    Have the President favor whoever the front runner is publically just to set the internecine warfare to “high”.

    Have ALL the Democrats run, 100,000,000 people who are so into their identity corners that they feelz like only they understand themselves well enough to be worthy of being their own President.

    …then, when the Democrats steal the election ANYWAY, the need for the coming Civil War will be blindingly obvious even to the thickest Never Trumper…

  7. Now hold on here. Did I dream it, or didn’t the Democrat party change their rules to only allow REGISTERED Democrats to run under the Democrat party for any elected position?

    If so, I do believe that Mr. Grouch … I mean Sen. Sanders is registered as an Independent.

    Someone please check this out for me. I have to empty my trash. Oh, and pick up my mail. I think then, I’m going to wash my hair.

    Anyway, I’m much too busy to care … uh, I mean, check this out! :-0

  8. Selma should be an interesting time this year. With Evillary already booked, what other ‘Rat infestations will breed contempt for America later this month? Mugging will be plentiful…for the cameras.

  9. Running or dribbling?

    (I know, I’m late to the party as there are already a couple of other references to a lack of control over bodily functions).

  10. he’ll probably want his wife to head the Dept. of Education.
    she, like he, has a history of running things
    into the ground
    he’s running to ruin

  11. His nose is running … his dick is dribbling … and his ass is oozing.

    Guess he needs another house or two.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Bernie Sanders Is Running.
    Who isn’t from the Delusional, strike that, Democratic Party.
    The Democratic Primary debates will be longer than the MLB season.


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