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Bernie Sanders, Lover of Genocidal Tyrants, Is Anything But Cute

Kurt Schlichter– In a reality show election starring Hillary Clinton, it takes real effort to be the most appalling, disgusting, and morally bankrupt character in the cast. Enter stage left Bernie Sanders, the “democratic” socialist. He’s not some cute curmudgeon who fights the little guy. He’s a committed adherent to an ideology that starved, tortured, and murdered north of 100 million people over the last century.


Even for the Democrat Party, which founded and nurtured the KKK, embracing a sycophant of psychotics is a mortifying new low.

Sanders – I refuse to anthropomorphize this lover of mass murderers by using the cute diminutive “Bernie” – wants you to believe that “socialism” is just another word for Sweden. That’s a lie.

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Let’s clear the air – the word “socialism” means something, and it’s not just “really liberal.” A socialist is one who places the state above the individual, who rejects the notion that human beings have any natural rights and, instead, believes that “rights” are mere privileges to be granted or withdrawn at a dictator’s whim.  more

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15 Comments on Bernie Sanders, Lover of Genocidal Tyrants, Is Anything But Cute

  1. The fact that this guy has been elected to office and has supporters to his presidential aspirations is proof positive that this country is dealing with some very serious problems.

  2. Even a “social democracy” is nothing more than the all-pervasive STATE filling the role of tyrant/despot. While a little less deadly to human life, a social democracy is still deadly to individual rights and freedom. In fact, if you look at Europe, freedom and rights are on a continually moving, constantly shifting plane. As proof, I offer “hate speech” in all its glaring subjectivity and multicultural vagueness.

  3. He’s elected from a sparsely populated state that is smaller than most counties in Texas and the southwest.

    Proposal: Put all states north and east of the NY border together, along with Delaware, and make it the new state of New England. Problem solved.

  4. Sander’s supporters are the unemployed, living on the government, socialist types who think they are “owed”….and he plays right to their hands, in return for votes….same old Dhimmo lyrics… shit-on-a-stick…

  5. Dead on the money Kurt-as much as I’m for Trump I believe Cruz is the only person that would call Sanders out on his murderous ideology.

  6. I was in Oregon yesterday, west of Portland. This piece of shit has wide support in Portland and Seattle. Both Seattle and Portland are God awful hellholes, overrun with vagabonds posing as victims.

  7. That is one hell of article and a good piece of writing. I would love to print this off and have my daughter post it all over The University of Washington campus. But make no mistake Killary would and will try the same thing as the “bern”. Unless Thrump or Cruz ls the next president the United States of America it will no longer exist as we know and love it. Read the whole article it will piss you off in a good way, then spread it around. I hate the commie bastards.

  8. Sometime before the first photo and the second photo old Bernie lost his upper teeth and ability to smile. Doesn’t Obamacare cover dentures?

  9. I find it interesting that Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are held up as ideals. Why are they?
    The only reason I can think of is that we *think* of them as countries where people are successful and happy. We don’t even bother to check. And frankly, thinking so is pretty damn racist too – we think so because we see smiling attractive blondes. I asked this in a Facebook conversation, with some fairly open-minded nonconservatives, and they couldn’t come up with anything solid either.

  10. Fuck it. Include New York too.

    A state that elects Andrew Cuomo to a second term, and Chuck Schumer to a third term, surely belongs with Vermont and Kennedychusetts.

  11. Next assognment: 500-word essay on Hillary Clinton’s “accomplishments.” That should be a real side-splitter.

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