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Bernie Sanders on key losses: Poor people don’t vote


WashingtonTimes: Democratic presidential contender Bernard Sanders said Sunday that his transformational message on income inequality hasn’t translated into victories in certain states because of a simple reality — poor people don’t vote.

Mr. Sanders was trying to explain why he keeps losing to front-runner Hillary Clinton in states with high income inequality, even though that’s his No. 1 issue.  more here 

8 Comments on Bernie Sanders on key losses: Poor people don’t vote

  1. Hey bird brain. We’re on the verge of permanent economic collapse because those who vote for a living are about to out number those who work for a living. Maybe that’s part of Bernie’s plan.

  2. Hey Bird-Brain! I don’t understand why this is an issue. democRats seem to find a way for prisoners and dead people to vote. Why not poor people??

    Oh… I get it.
    You just want to justify voting for them, right?

  3. Hey Fur…some advertiser is doing fuckery on your site with an ad that claims your phone is infected with 52 viruses and the only way out is to shut down the window.

  4. When did the demonrat’s stop busing people in, to the voting booths?

    Bernie must’ve thought someone else was going to pay, for them poor people voter buses.

  5. I’d love to see someone put a woodpecker on this guy’s head, while pecking at his head insert a sound track of that loud hollow sound a woodpecker makes while pecking away at a tree in a forest.

  6. Pay em to vote like the Clintons do – they’ll show up in droves!

    It’s called “walkin round money” and you shovel it to the preachers – they’ll see to it the MD 20/20 and Colt 45 get the vote out for ya.

    Stupid frickin communist …

    izlamo delenda est …

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