Bernie Sanders Says Campaign Will Limit Hours Staffers Work After Complaints About ‘Poverty Wages’

Epoch Times:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said that his presidential campaign will cut some of the hours that some staffers work after complaints that they were not getting $15 an hour.

Internal communication documents obtained by the Washington Post showed that campaign field hires want an annual salary which would be equivalent to a $15 an hour wage but campaign managers have so far declined to give it to them.

According to one letter, field staff—the lowest level of staff on the campaign—are making less than $13 an hour.

A union representing the staffers got them $36,000 a year in an agreement signed in March, but staffers said the long hours they work have driven their wages down to an unacceptable level.

Field organizers “cannot be expected to build the largest grassroots organizing program in American history while making poverty wages,” the letter stated, noting that Sanders is advocating for a $15 an hour national minimum wage.

Sanders expressed frustration with the story, saying it bothered him that staffers seemed to go to the media even as negotiations between his management staff and the union took place. read more

11 Comments on Bernie Sanders Says Campaign Will Limit Hours Staffers Work After Complaints About ‘Poverty Wages’

  1. No increase in pay, and now reduced hours — his staffers will be bringing home even less wages !!

    Way to go — Feel the Bern!

  2. “Sanders expressed frustration with the story…”

    …YEAH, what’s UP with HIS media calling HIM out for hypocrisy? It’s almost like they’re not on HIS side, but rather have chosen a DIFFERENT candid…ooooh, sorry Bern, too White, too male, too hetro, too old, not gonna happen THIS time, EITHER…now make way for “Michelle”…

  3. Cheap white capitalist bastard! Give them the $15, free healthcare and free college!!!
    You’ll be saving money in the long run. Does he want them to die???

  4. They are being paid salary but have been working 60-hour weeks. He is cutting their hours per week to about 43 which brings the hourly down.
    So he is reducing output from his existing staffers, but one would assume isn’t adding any so he can keep expenses flat. That will catch up, as the campaign is less effective. Another lesson in capitalism!

    CA employment law is very strict on salaried work, generally salary has to be in the $50k range and up for an employer to expect significantly longer hours, supposedly a ‘management’ position, otherwise it is seen as a cheat to take advantage of the employee. And you know CA is all about the employee – well except for all the taxes.

  5. Bernie only needs $17 Trillion more of our dollars so he can pay them a decent wage plus free healthcare, college education, childcare, etc.

    His campaign should be run like a Commune where his staff works for free. And then they should quit or get kicked out because, hey, their guy doesn’t like work, either.

  6. What I wouldn’t give to be friends with a Bernie worker. I’d be Johnny Appme seed “bro, Bernie has the juice to pay you a living wage. Just think about it, all he’d have to do is sell a house or 2 and pay himself back once the donations start to kick in”. “Dude, Bernie totally has the means to pay 100% health insurance. I’m talking Zero deductibles and Zero copayments, how many millions did he pull in for-his-campgain? Are we not ‘his campaign’?”

  7. Increase pay=reduce hours. Who wants to tell him?
    So his party is down with forcing mandatory minimum of $15 on private industry. I see where this is going….those fork tongued devils will pull a “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” switcheroo.
    “We’re not dictating to private industry how they run their business, only govt run entities will be affected”. Here it comes BOHICA.

  8. The field hands are always the hardest worked and the lowest paid on the Democrat Socialist plantation.


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