Bernie Sanders to make his case for Democratic socialism in major speech

FOX: Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.,  is expected to make a speech on Wednesday touting his idea of Democratic socialism, a system promising Medicare-for-all, free public college and a $15-per-hour minimum wage, all of which have caused Republicans to dismiss him as too far to the left.

Sanders is expected to defend these ideals as the “unfinished business” necessary to restore America to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal era if he’s elected president in 2020.

“Over 80 years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped create a government that made huge progress in protecting the needs of working families,” Sanders, 77, is expected to say, according to an excerpt from his remarks. “Today in the second decade of the 21st century, we must take up the unfinished business of the New Deal and carry it to completion. This is the unfinished business of the Democratic Party and the vision we must accomplish.”

Sanders’ campaign platform will largely hinge on the promise to address the growing wealth inequality and guarantee economic rights that he feels all American’s are entitled to. In January, Sanders proposed a plan that would impose higher estate taxes starting at $3.5 million with a 77 percent rate on billionaire estates.

“We must take the next step forward and guarantee every man, woman and child in our country basic economic rights – the right to quality health care, the right to as much education as one needs to succeed in our society, the right to a decent job, the right to affordable housing, the right to a secure retirement and the right to live in a clean environment,” Sanders said. “We must recognize that in the 21st century, in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, economic rights are human rights.”

The Republican National Committee, in a statement, called him a “self-avowed socialist who wants to double your taxes so the government can take over your health care.”

Sanders, a pioneer for a Medicare-for-all system, believes all Americans should have access to affordable health care through the government.  more here

7 Comments on Bernie Sanders to make his case for Democratic socialism in major speech

  1. He’s not too far to the left. He’s a lunatic moron who never did an honest days work in his life. Call a spade a spade.

  2. Bernie’s a liar.
    Socialism is founded on lies.
    There will be NO “researchable” numbers – probably no numbers, at all.
    That fact that nothing is free (with the possible exception of Mother love – and that before Mothers started murdering their infants with impunity) will never be articulated or averred.

    “Ask not what you can do for your country; but what the over-taxed workers of your country can do for you – and for the millions of illegal-alien invaders.”

    Bernie will start off by lying – then he’ll move to prevarication – then to dissimulation – then to a phony discussion of “rights” (which either he doesn’t understand or chooses to lie about) – then he’ll move to mendacity – then to the attack on any-and-every one who attempts to bring any facts into the “conversation.”

    He’ll NEVER mention, or even broach the subject, of paying for any of the nonsense he spouts – which he KNOWS is pure, unadulterated bullshit which has never been sustained anywhere (or any-when) on Earth.
    He’ll NEVER mention the fact that wholesale slaughter is a prerequisite to his “utopia” and that all political, economic, and social POWER must be invested in HIM and his cronies to carry out the abomination.
    He’ll NEVER mention that Hitler murdered some 15 million, Stalin some 30 million, and Mao some 80 million to implement their respective socialist “utopias.”

    Where’s the “Inconvenient Truth” now?

    Fuck him. Do we go willingly into their ovens?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. When politicians tell you what they are going to give you for free, they never tell you what they expect you to give up in return.

    And no one ever seems to ask them that question in a situation that would make them answer in an honest way.

  4. Wait!

    BERNIE SANDERS is going to make a MAJOR speech???

    You are kidding, right?

    The concepts of Bernie Sanders and MAKING A MAJOR SPEECH are mutually exclusive.

    So, kidding, right? Or reading a CNN headline?

    Just sayin’.

  5. This very dangerous clown took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution…guess that matters little to the warped world he resides, as a millionaire. Anyone who would listen to his devil-speak deserves what he is offering.

    Bernie Sanders should be jailed for treason.

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